Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Husband's bag

This is my second project for Intermediate level. Collecting the fabrics were such a hassle cause during that time, most of the beautiful fabrics were out of stock. I went to a few fabric stores around here to collect fabrics I wanted at the same time waiting for the new stock to arrive. that's the main problem of learning patchwork in Shanghai. We always know that most of the fabrics were made in China but you will be surprised that it's really really hard to get nice quality fabrics within China, this is because most of the nice quality stuff are meant for export. how strange right ?

It took me 2 weeks to complete this bag. I gave for my husband as a gift cause he is my main sponsorship for this course .
At least this should cover his mouth for not complaining me buying too many fabrics that stock up our reading room now. :>

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