Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue & Little missing chicken bag

I think I want to make a Sunbonnet Sue bag this time, maybe a small bag, simple and vintage like.  I am thinking to choose the color based on those vintage books this time.  I will use Japanese sakizome fabrics this time to create very country like result.

12/5/2011, 3:00 pm.
I have been making the applique since 8:00 am this morning, another few stitches to go, the applique will be done.

19/5/2011, 8:00 pm
I will be going back to my hometown this Sunday, yahoo !!!  I am planning to complete this bag before going back.  At the back of this bag, I chose to stitch up a Lily of the valley as I find that it's romantic and its meaning is really beautiful.  Plus a little hand embroidered "Happiness".

18/5 - 19/5/2011

Struggling to decide how I should bind the side in order to make this bag look more lively these few days.  ok, it's done today.  Let see what I should do with the handle and the bias strap......

21/5/2011, 3:00pm. 

It's done !!!  I am so satisfied to see the result, it's perfect !!! 

Back of the bag..

The beautiful Lily of the valley applique

And I sew up a little pocket using different fabric. 

My bag works within schedule, I am going out with my husband for dinner now.... ciao...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New pencil case for my niece, Jie.

When I was back to my hometown for holidays, young lady came to me and asked politely if I could make a pencil case for her.  You know I surely will, my nieces and nephews are so precious to me.  Once I promised,  I will make sure I keep to it.  I have been looking for fabrics for the past few weeks, finally get something I liked. 

I don't think I want to make a very common type of pencil case.  I want a pencil case that look like a bag or small pouch, that surely look so cute. And my niece can use it as a pouch too.  2 ways of usage .

Here is the result

Remember the rubber stamps I bought earlier.  I can use it to make beautiful fabric label as shown below, the ink I used was from Versa Craft, Japan, it's fabric ink. Maybe I should look for a black ink next time. 

Collecting zipper heads is one of my hobby.  This little tea cup set zipper head really come in handy for this project.  look at how cute it is besides adding such beautiful touch to this pencil case.  (I am so happy with the result ^v^)

As for the inner fabric, I used something pinky, girls love pink right ?  Bet my niece is going to love it for sure.

Mission completed, time to relax !!

Newly arrived !

22/4/2011, shopping time !

I just couldn't believe I found this rubber stamps collection today !!!  I collected a lot of beautiful rubber stamps each time I visit new places.  Those stamps are going to contribute a lot to my works very soon 

Take a look at the inside, so many pieces of rubber stamps.