Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Owls tool bag


I am thinking of making a patchwork tool bag (also a cosmetic bag) using pattern from here...  maybe a little bit of adjustment.

8/12/2010, 2pm.  Very cold weather, 0 degree today.

I just completed my applique, owl is my theme this time.  When I was in Hokkaido, a lot of souvenir stores were selling owl figurines, the design were really funny and cute.  I thought of making projects that have owls as the theme since then.  If you really noticed, it's really rare to see projects with owls in any Japanese patchwork books. This is something different .  

I think I will stop for the day.  I will perform quilting tomorrow. 

9/12/2010, 4:30 pm

It is warmer today.  I find that I am more energetic when it is getting warmer.  I have actually completed quilting for the front page and the 2 pieces for the zippers.  By adding some red juicy fruit, I think that looks better ^^. Let's see what is the task for tomorrow.   

Mouth watering fruit.... what do you have in mind ?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Able to access to blogger again !!!!

Hurray !!! I am able to access to blogspot again, yeah !!!! Today, my husband sent me a link that provides a proxy to bypass screening server in China. I am able to access to blogspot again. I am so happy ^^.

Here are some of my works during the "unable to access blogspot" period

12/10/2010 , Sunbonnet Sue clutch pouch.  This pattern kit (from Minami Kumiko) is a gift from my friend, Sophea (how wonderful of her ^^).  Though I was struggling with the wedding ring project that time, I tried to free up myself to make this pouch from time to time.  Sophea was so proud of me when I showed this pouch to her (I managed to make it during my tight project).  How I miss my dear friend these few days cause she is now traveling to Eastern Europe.  I love this pouch so much, the size is big enough to put my purse, handphone and some cosmetics.  Very Japanese country patchwork indeed :>

Bag in Bag 30/11/2010

Introducing bag-in-bag concept.  This is currently very popular bag in Japan (especially if you are handmade maniac).  It is actually a bag by itself AND an organiser for bigger bag.  Imagine carrying a big bag, isn't it difficult for you to locate even your handphone ?  This beautiful organiser actually solve your problem.  The bag has 2 sides, different Japanese Kimono prints in each side.  Take a look ^^

Take a look at how your things are organised ...

I will slowly begin to sell this bag in Etsy under the name Cotton Friends.  Right now, I am designing few more items for sell soon.  Please feel free to drop by and enjoy my works :)

9/12/2010, Wedding Ring, with Love.....

I sewed these pieces when I visited Leeds, UK , in November.  As a result, this project is really memorable and meaningful to me ( I actually visited UK, WOW).

Look at this colorful projects, how many pieces of fabric did i use ?  It took me few days to cut out and arrange them (combined with worrying feeling about the result).  Right now, I am just so happy to see the real result.  (**Big big laugh**)

Friday, June 4, 2010

A simple pouch

  I wanted to make this pouch since long time ago but couldn't find a slot to make it.  I am now back to my home town for holidays, so now is really a good time to make it.  This pouch / bag pattern is based to the following book

Here is the bag I am very interested in. 
Have a look at this pattern.  I added a zipper to the pocket area, also enlarge the pocket to about 1 1/2 cm.

29/5/2010  Very close to completion now.  The last thing to do is to embroider the X stitches to the Hexagon patchwork.

2/6/10  Here we are.

Instead of using plain fabrics for the inner fabric, I prefer to use colorful pattern fabrics for the interial.  Take a look

Friday, May 21, 2010

Boutis !

Shame shame shame, I only managed to update my blog when I am back to Malaysia as China has been banning a lot of sites from blogspot to any other fun blog sites, frankly I don't know why they do it. I tried to take as many work in progress photo when I was there and bring it back to Malaysia to update my blog. I really don't want to stop this blog as I am trying to find some way to by-pass the server in China.

I remember while doing this project, it was before Chinese New Year, with me suffering serious neck problem but still have the will power to complete this as I really love quilting so much. Everyday, I tried few lines of quilting and slowly increase to as many as I could but paying a lot of cautious to my neck recovery too.

26/2/2010, I finally finished quilting the entire boutique. Next step is to insert two thread of yarn inside each open area in the quilt. It was very troublesome really.

Take a closer look. It's really important to take courses from very beginning.

hmmm... what should I do with this piece of quilted project ? Maybe another cushion. Let's see the result.


Friday, January 22, 2010

6th project (Higher level)

Purely quilting.

I started making this project before coming back to Malaysia. Progress is a bit slow but I believe if i keep one working on the quilting these few days, it should be done by next week. Problem is I need yarn thread to insert through the empty place along the quilted area. Guess the rest of the work can be done when I am in shanghai again.

After this project is done, I still have 2 more to complete then I am considered finished the entire course. Am thinking of whether to take machine sewing course at another school now....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little preview of my current project

There are lots of small appliques on this bag ... it's about something from the garden.

While working on this bag, we were in the middle of moving house because the old apartment we are staying doesn't provide good sunlight, the whole house was totally dark after 2pm. We decided to move to the other block in December. We didn't get any despatch man to help us, so it was really tiring for me to move things over to the other house. The whole process took us 4 days (plus arranging all the stuff).

voilĂ  !!

Piano is not mine, the owner is too rich that she didn't want to bring it to her new house. In fact, she left another big acquarium for us too.

< A confession - I suddenly realised that I bought so many fabrics, 2 full cabinets, have to slow down from then on >

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jenny's bag

I am now back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. It is just pathetic that I need to update my blog after so many months because in china, a lot websites were banned for no reason. Sites like blogspot, facebook, twitter and other popular fun sites were fully banned. It was really suffering when I can't even update anything in blog when I was in China. As a result, I found a temporary solution to use now. Well, it is considered lucky that they didn't ban hotmail or life is really going to be very boring over there.

May 09

Have some idea of making Maggie's bag. The theme was based on my trip to Hokkaido few years ago, picnicking during sakura season.

Another side of the bag.

The front applique - Picnic basket and hat.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apple core patchwork

It's so great to come back to Malaysia, I can access to blogspot whenever I want. I haven't been able to update anything for the past few months, staying in china really has lots of restrictions. While in china, a lot sites were banned, blogspot, youtube, facebook etc, I wonder why is the reason.

Here's my latest work. Currently I am working on 3 other projects at the same time. Hopefully I am able update before I leave for china again.