Friday, January 22, 2010

6th project (Higher level)

Purely quilting.

I started making this project before coming back to Malaysia. Progress is a bit slow but I believe if i keep one working on the quilting these few days, it should be done by next week. Problem is I need yarn thread to insert through the empty place along the quilted area. Guess the rest of the work can be done when I am in shanghai again.

After this project is done, I still have 2 more to complete then I am considered finished the entire course. Am thinking of whether to take machine sewing course at another school now....


Anonymous said...

Wow... very nice and big project !
I know you will do just fine and will end up being as beautiful as the rest of your work !
Do you take classes under a mentor or
in a quilt school ? Do you get to be recognized with a title after you finish your course ?

I guess it will be nice to learn the machine techniques as well, just in case ;-), though I really love the look and feel of handwork !

Story Quilt said...

Thanks My 1st Bambina.

How do I address you ? You can call me Chieng.

Yes, I am taking courses from a patchwork school, it is a small classroom and Ihave the flexibility to go there any time. After I completed all the projects, I will be recognised according to the level I completed, eg. Higher level certification.

YES !! I totally agree with you about machine sewing ^^. You know what, I recently understand that there is a new machine sewing school just few blocks from my apartment, I am thinking of joining the course if the fee is reasonable. I wish to understand the techique first. As I am in Malaysia now, I will explore the school once I am in Shanghai again.

^^ Take care always.

Ayu said...

Hi there,

I stumble upon your blog when I was googling for people who share the same passion as my sister & I. Your work really catch my eye. It's just so beautiful. Both of us learn patchwrk & quilting abt 10 years ago. Feel free to check our website : After 10 years, we decide to turn our passion into business. Whatever you see are all made by us.. It's just sooooo satisfying. If you ever come to drop by at our shop.

See ya...!!

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Ayu.

Thanks for the message. I am so sorry for such a slow reply as I cannot access to blogspot while in china. It is really a blessing when you finally manage to catch up with your dream work. Same as me, I was an IT professional (Microsoft certified engineer some more), working in KLCC last time. And finally managed to find something i really love. Yes, totally addicted to making bags, I must stitch a few stitches even when I am sick, hahah... Keep up with your works. Good luck !! :)

Jen said...

I really like your work and it is amazing when I see your 6th project done with fully handwork. I just enroll to patchwork class last Friday 21st May 2010, after I read your blog, I have just started my first project with the class, it is really fun to know friends who loves patchwork from the class too. I wanted to start writing blog about my passion.

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Jen. Are you are Malaysian too ? Living in KL ? Taking a course in Puchong right ? It's really great to read your message. I believe doing something you really one is the best way to living your life, you feel so happy every day and really energetic when the moring ray of sun shines through your window. Hope to see your works very soon. (your are luckier than i am cause I cannot update anything in blogspot when i am in china : ( )

So enjoy your passion. Saw from your blog, your baby ? Remember to make a beautiful baby quilt for your angel :D Cheers always