Saturday, January 7, 2017

Very cute gathered / pleated wallet sewing pattern available now.

A beautiful and feminine wallet. You’ll want to take this one everywhere you go! This is also going to be perfect for gift giving.

This wallet featured a gathered or pleated front cover with a contrasting band. The wallet provides 2 large and 1 medium size pocket inside an an exterior pocket.  A chained key ring is attached to the exterior pocket for easy carrying or for your keys. 

 The wallet provides 2 large and 1 medium size pocket inside to better organize your cash, credit cards and some change. 

 An exterior pocket chained with a key ring gives you extra room for other documents, eg. receipts, driving license etc.

Approximate Measurement :

● 7 (7/8) x 4 (1/2) " when opened
● 4 (1/8)" x 5 (1/2)" when closed

The very cute wallet pattern and finished goods are available in my Etsy shop now.  Just click on one of the photos above, it will lead you to my shop.

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to purchase ^v^ .  I will send the pattern in PDF format to your email once payment is received. 

Enjoy sewing and have fun !!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Handy 2 fold passport holder sewing pattern

Looking for a handy travel organizer or passport holder ?  Here is a really good pattern which is so easy to make (2 – 3 hours).  Just choose your fabric combinations, you will surely make a stylish passport holder of your own. 

Here are some of the features of this beautiful passport holder :

Features of this travel organizer (as shown in photo)

* Very handy for its size, it is a passport holder, (can also use as wallet sometimes). 

* 4 card pocket compartments that hold up to 4 cards (of course, you can slot in 2 cards in each pocket too).

* 1 pocket for your passport

* 1 ticket slot for your ticket and other documents 

* a zipper pocket at the back to hold your cash or coins. 

* a pen holder 

* sticky pad cover to provide strong hold for all your traveling documents secured.

* light weight to carry around.

* fashionable. Just mix and match your fabrics, you will make wonderful unique passport holder of your own. ^v^


Just click on any photo above, it will route your to my pattern and handmade items shop.  Or you can always email to me at

Stay stylish, stay happy ^v^ !