Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grandmother's garden patchwork project

I am eager to try Grandmother’s garden patchwork project for so long.  So far I have been looking for shape of bags that is suitable for my new patchwork project.  Finally I decided to make bucket bag for this type of patchwork.  I have been choosing my fabrics these few days.  I think vintage floral fabrics will be very suitable for my new project. Here are my selections of fabrics.  What do you think ?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Belle Moi (Beautiful me) Appliqued piggy pouch.

Belle Moi in French simply means beautiful me. 

I have been looking for the simplest word to express one self.  We are all beautiful creature of God.  Agree ?

This pouch was started from an exciting heart of little piggy, dressing up nicely, waiting for good thing to come.  You know, if you feel happy every day, you will be surprised good things actually come towards you, and you can’t stop it.

After making this appliqué, I tried to look for the simplest way to express little piggy’s feeling.  Yes !  Beautiful me !  It’s so simple and yet so powerful.  It can simply motivate you to be more confident and happier.  That’s it !  Am sewing it up ! 

Voila!!  It’s magic, looking at how this wonderful embroidery feels my heart now.  I am so happy for the result. 

This uniquely beautiful pouch and embroidery pattern is available for sell in my Etsy shop now.  Please feel free to drop by ^v^ .

Handmade items

Embroidery Pattern

 Remember, good things will come your way.  Stay happy, stay beautiful, always …. Cheers !