Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Preparing dog hook or O ring holder for your bag project

This tutorial how to prepare your dog hook or O ring for your wallet.  Having this tutorial handy will surely help you in your future project

Some of the short form used in this tutorial :

Seam Allowance (SA) :  1/4″ seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated. All the pattern templates already included seam allowance.
Top press / top stitch / edge stitch: 1/8” for top press
RST  : Right Sides Together
WST : Wrong Sides Together

1.  Take the prepared fabric pieces.  Arrange so that they are RST (right side together).  Pin in place,

2. Sew at one side by the seam allowance.

3.  Flip the pieces to the front.  Using your finger nail, scratch by the seam to create a crease.

4.  Fold both openings by seam allowance. Pin in place.

5. Top press (1/8”) both edges as shown in photo below.  

6.  Fold the strap into half horizontally.  Slot in the dog hook or O ring.

 7.   Sew it (1/8”) onto your project.

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Essential Zip Pouch, 2 different designs and sizes

Introducing new pattern to my new Etsy Shop, Indigo Stitch Co.  

This is a really  fun and easy to sew, functional multipurpose zip pouches sewing pattern, suitable to all level of sewing.  You can use the big zip pouches as daily clutch, cosmetic, toiletry, travel pouches while the mini zip pouch is perfect for holding long make-up brushes, lip-liners, eye-liners and more! Easily contain little odds and ends for travel or for quick access inside a larger bag.

Create your own zip puller will surely add more character to your work (a bonus zip puller tip will be provided too).  This sewing pattern is perfect to fully utilise your scrap fabrics.


BIG POUCH - 9.5" (top) x 7.5" (bottom) x 4.5” (H)
SMALL POUCH - 8" (top) x 7" (bottom) x 3" (H)

Check this pattern out from my Etsy Shop by clicking any of the photo here ^v^