Sunday, January 31, 2016

Scrappy fabric project ideas, handmade flower coasters

If you have a lot of beautiful and colorful scrap fabrics, even some scrap batting that is big enough to make small projects, don’t ever throw it.  You never know how these wonderful materials can be used to make wonderful things.  Here is what I made from scrappy fabrics a set of flower coasters that is so unique and special.

Beside that this coaster can also be hung on your wall (like party banner) to add more colors your kitchen or tea room . All you need is just play with the colorful fabrics and stitch !  There more flower coasters you stitched, the merrier (^v^) 

Just take it down from the wall and there you serve your coffee or tea with this beautiful handmade flower coasters.    

This also makes very special gift for your love one or friends, and also great teacher's gift,  just make it with your heart and send out to surprise them. 

This set of 5 flower coasters are available for sell at my Etsy shop.  If you are interested to make your own coasters, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop for the patterns or simply click on the photo below to link you to my Etsy.  (Remember to click the FOLLOW to check on more beautiful projects in the future).  ^v^

Scrap bag for grab !

Scrap Bag - more than 2 ounces of beautiful cotton fabric (80 g) perfect for doll clothes, fabric covered buttons, patchwork, quilting, fabric beads, etc.

Quilting cottons tend to run 4-6 ounce per square yard, so this is the close to 1/3+ yard of 42" wide fabric. 

The majority are quilting weight cotton in smaller scale florals, with some stripe prints and combined prints or other textured print. 

You will receive the fabric shown in the photos, here are some sneak peek of the fabrics.

These fabric pieces are a range of sizes between 8" x 5" and about 4" x 5".

I used some of the fabrics for my flower coasters projects.  Check it out here !