Friday, November 21, 2014

Sunbonnet Sue Round basket bag pattern in my Etsy !

19/11/2014, started working from early in the morning 

Finally, I managed to pull myself back to the working mood again, my heart was still with Paris last week. 

Ok, I finally appliqué the other side of my new project.  It’s a cozy house with heartwarming trees.  I am not going to appliqué the front road or the field this time, I think I want to embroider a little details here.  Am still trying to think hard for the embroidery details I want to present the field.  Will see  !

20/11/2014, Shopping day !!!

I just want to stop from work, if not, i am afraid I may become anti-social lady soon, i am just too addicted to working.  My husband encouraged me to go shopping to relax myself, yeah, I guess he reminded me that I haven't been doing any shopping for so long. So am sneaking out for some shopping.

I love Kinokuniya bookstore, sometimes I can just stand there and reading the books for many hours.  There are just too many books to read !  Am adding up these 3 books for my library collection.  I think I have more books than clothes compared to other ladies.  Is it normal ?? 

21/11/2014, Done with my quilting !

Finally, all the quilting details are added to my project.  Hmmm... it's just so romantic !  Time to bind them together 
  < ---- excited, excited !!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trip to Paris, Oct 2014

To me, Paris is a city of color and art with locals loving their nostalgic surroundings. The old vintage homes were re-used and re-design to such beautiful and romantic taste, the design concepts are still widely used in the modern world. It is also a city of love, it is so romantic during day and night.

When you first come to Paris, shopping shouldn't be your priority here because you will never know it better. Go to the flea market, talk to the people and walk around the entire Paris as much as you can, you will surely get to know this city better. 

Parisians are friendly and polite. Chat with them with polite tone, greet a little 'boujour' to the passersby, they will greet you warmly too. A 'merci beaucoup' to show your appreciation of their help. You will surely get very positive respond from them. 

Foods and patisserie desserts are really delicate made and delicious.  We just love to try as many things as possible.  Temptations seemed to every where in Paris.

We took many photos during this trip to Paris, here are some of them, at that moment.  ^v^

Overall, our first experience was really great and happy.  We hope to visit Paris again, of course !

I love all the flavors, what about you ? 



My favorite all time breakfast


au revoir , Eiffel Tower, we shall come again some day ^v^