Thursday, January 13, 2011

New year resolution

Work hard, play less this year.

I have been so tied up with my course works + traveling + shopping + etc last year.  This year I think I must cut down shopping and traveling.  I must start focusing on my online shop this year.  A bit shameful because I have been delaying my plan for sometime. 
 ..... I am already starting to get so lazy back in my hometown.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Big Bag for myself

This is a bag to motivate myself (**blink**).

This bag was supposed to be completed in August.  Due to the design of my bag, it is just difficult to find suitable leather holders in Shanghai.  I needed to ask my friend to buy the holders from Japan for me(thanks for her help too ^^).  After she bought it for me from Japan at end of October, I went for an unplanned trip to UK with my husband in November.  I ended up completing this bag in December.  I feel so funny about the "troubles" that came along the way to complete this bag.  After all those "hard times", it's finally done.

I should cut down trips this year, otherwise there will be a lot of unfinished projects for sure. 

My last project for my course is Baltimore quilt.  I am trying to look for ideas now.  Any suggestion ?

Finally Finished my little Owls Sewing bag (31/12/2010)

Finally !!  I tried to complete this cute little sewing bag before going back to my country for Chinese New Year. 

Everything is hand quilted and hand appliqued.  I love to use colors for this project.  Take a look a the back, front, and sides of my works, even the bottom of this bag has different color. :p 

There is a little pocket at the back of this sewing bag.  The pocket is made up of different color fabrics patched together to add some characteristic to it.

The bigger compactment offers 5 storage for your threads.

Another smaller compartment, with 7 storage area for your pencils/pens and an  additional pocket at the side. 

I received quite a lot of emails asking me if I sell my works in my facebook account lately.  I believe I will slowly put my works for sell in the web.  Feel free to check on my sites any time. 

My husband suggested to make more bags like this for cute girls to carry.  I think it's a good idea.  You will surely see more works in the future.