Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August and September series .... TULIPS

My latest works for August and September .... TULIPS.  

A very romantic title for a lovely little pouch, for leisure outings.  All sold out withing few days ^v^. 

August Tulips

September Tulips - Blue Tulips, Purple Tulips and Burgundy Tulips

I love this pouch so much that I made one for myself too. But one of my regular customers wished so badly to have this pouch,  I am letting go this tulips for her cause I don't want to see her disappointed face.  In the mean time,  I am struggling to make another one for myself 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 2012, Story Quilt Teddy Bear Pouches - Happy Bear and Naughty Bear

Pattern available at my Etsy shop


or you can email me at 

My latest bear pouches, all sold out the moment they were launched yesterday.  Teddy bear pouches are one of children's favorite pouches.  I am going to make pattern and kit for sell this time. 

Happy Bear

Back side of Happy Bear has beautiful hand stitched flowers and embroidery in french word, "Belle Journee" for a beautiful day ^v^

Interior of Happy Bear

Naughty Bear 

Back side of Naughty bear has beautiful hazelnut applique.  I wish the new owner beautiful harvest on all her hard works ^v^

Interior of Naughty Bear

Cheers !!  From both of Happy & Naughty

Monday, May 7, 2012

Story Quilt's April 2012 Sunbonnet Sue romance series

The pouches were supposed to be completed last year, one of the pouches was sold to a big fan of mine, Jenny before I even managed to complete them.

My latest designs are based on a dreamy yet romantic concept.  As I enjoy quiet moment with nature so much, I decided to 'draw' my ideas onto my pouches.   Please take a look at my dream world....

Dandelion seedhead, up you go, far or near, where are you going to settle down?  Life is same too, nobody knows where we are going to settle down at all, look at me, still in China. We wish so badly to be able to return home...

Size - 17 cm x 13 cm, handle
handle -  24 cm 
interior - with a little pocket 

Story also put in the consideration make this cute pouch into multiple use, you can also use it as a wall decoration ^v^ when not in use. Sweet idea ?  And it can be an accessory for your bag too 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Leather accessory made by my husband ^-^

We just paid a visit to Tokyo from 21/4 until 27/4.  The trip was fantastic, Tokyo is always full of colors, energy and excitements.  We passed by a very interesting leather craft shop near Asakusa bashi, I really fall for their crafts.  Since my husband always don't know what to do to pass his time when in Shanghai, I decided to encourage him to try making something, just for fun.  Though under my guidance, his first try was pretty good, I was quite surprise ^v^.  For my new bag ...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One more to go

I am supposed to complete this series already but one of my pouch was sold out long time ago before I managed to publish it.  As a result, I needed to make another 2 more to complete my Sunbonnet Sue new series, inspired by old time money bag.  When I drew the picture,  I have strong imagination straight away .... about  ^v^  a lot of things.  The mission for this series is to make anyone who sees it wonder .... about a lot of things. .... ^v^.   Here is a little preview...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finally, my final higher level project, Baltimore Quilt

Yahoo!!!  Finally, I completed my Baltimore projects (purely hand stitched and hand quilted) few days ago.  I am just so happy ........ and such relief.   I can now be an instructor !  And also,  I can focus on designing my works in the future.

My little gallery at home ^v^ 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Navy Style Leisure Tote bag / shopping bag - sold out (12/1/2012)

Wow, I must say I have been soooooo busy for the past few days, rushing for my Mitty Owl pattern, quilting my project and making this big tote bag.  

This tote bag is exceptional pre-order request because the owner saw my previous Marine style tote bag http://storyquilt.blogspot.com/2011_10_01_archive.html 
and she loves it so much.  Ok, I will try not to disappoint her ^v6

It was tough to make this bag because my sewing machine is not meant for heavy usage, so some part of the bag is very think for my machine to sew the stitches, I will use hand stitch to make sure everything is neatly done.

The bags contains 3 pockets in total. The bag is also padded with batting to allow sturdy appearance and it is light to carry around so that the new own won't complain about shoulder ache like she normally do  ^v^  (Well concern about her usage, do I ?)  Now she can put a lot of things inside this big bag, scarf,  jacket , money etc  ^v^

Here is the interior of the bag.  As usual, I want to make sure the inside out of the bags are nice, not dull and really cheer the owner every time she opens her bag.  

Not forgetting the little accessory to suit the bag, an anchor zipper head to add more 'flavor' to the bag.

I sent these photos to the owner yesterday, she just couldn't wait to have it.  And we are going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year, I will hand carry this goodies bag for her myself  ^v6