Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Winter Story Shoulder bag is available for sell now.

Hello, everybody.

Please be informed that the Winter Story Shoulder bag PDF digital sewing pattern is available for sell now. You can either contact me at
Or visit my Etsy shop for this pattern.

You only need simple materials stated to start this project (measurements included in the pattern) :

• Scrap fabrics and fabrics for the bag
• Battings
• Zipper (17” )
• Handles of your choice (18 “ or more)
• Lace trims (optional)
• some shiny beads 

You will get from this pattern :

* list of materials required with measurement
* comprehensive instructions with photos to guide you through the sewing process

Approximate Dimension : 

Width : 41 cm (16”)
Height : 19 cm (7.8”) 
Depth : 10 cm (4”)
Handles length : 44 cm

The steps are pretty straight forward and you will surely enjoy making this bag. Have fun with this new pattern. I am sure you will feel so happy to use it or it could be a great gift for your love one.

Pattern price : USD 11.00
Payment : Paypal only

If you have problem getting some of materials required, please feel free to contact me too. I maybe able to help ^v^.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

A winter story, Merry Christmas. A unique collectible handmade boston / shoulder bag

The bag has a little story to tell you. It's about winter, it is starting to snow. The surrounding is suddenly filled with wonderful and peaceful atmosphere. Yes, Christmas is around the corner. Merry Christmas to you, let's celebrate this wonderful season with joy !

I am using Japanese taupe / yawn dyed fabrics (shortly be available in my Etsy shop) to make this bag to create very natural look of houses and background for this project.  Japanese taupe are widely used in Japan by most patchwork guru like Yoko Saito, Minami Kumiko for their works.   Here is some examples of art works using taupe fabrics.

The front side of the bag is partial hand and machine stitched little houses appliqué.  The snowy sparkling beads are carefully sew onto the bag, creating a sparkling effect for this bag.

The bag has 2 pockets, the one as the window at the back of this bag and an inner pocket to further help you organize your personal items.

At the back side of the bag is snowing view from my window.  Well, is it really a window at all ?  No, it is also a pocket for you to put your handy item such us travelling ticket or cards, maybe your phone too.  A "Let it snow" is embroidered near the little window, I think it add more meaning to this side.

While designing this bag, I decided to make this shape of this bag into something unique.  It is pretty wide to accommodate all the little applique houses. Also, its height is just ideal to put in quite a long of your daily goodies.  As this bag is padded with polyester batting and quilted, it is just so easy and light to carry around.  Besides that, if not in use, it can also be decorative art work on the wall or display closet.

I usually collected lots of decorative accessories and zipper pullers handy.  This tower clock zipper puller is also my collection.  It just add more character to this bag.  I love this idea ^v^

An over view of this beautiful bag.  

If you are interested to get this bag, you can visit my Etsy shop at the link below

OR, if you don't have an Etsy account but you do have Paypal account, please feel free to email me at

contact me : Storyquilter@gmail.com

Grab this one of a kind handmade bag before it is gone. ^v^

p/s:  Pattern for this bag will surely be available in my shop too, if you are interested to get the update of this bag pattern, please feel free to drop me an email.

Remember to join me of more update of my future works. You will surely don't want to miss it.

Merry Christmas ^v^

Friday, December 4, 2015

A little winter tale ...

I have been longing too much to make this idea into reality since 2 years ago… but I always can’t find time to start it.  Is it an excuse ?  I wonder .. :p


Few weeks ago, I have decided the shape of bag I wanted for this project and started to draft it out (at last !! ^v^).  At least there is a little progress to this project.  I take it pretty slow to slowly sew my heart out for the appliqués of the houses.  Yes, it’s made from the heart.  I just want to make sure these houses really make one feels so heartwarming when they see it. 

Here is the front view.

I have been thinking, what should I add to the back of this bag project ? A cute little bus reaching the home ?  snow man ? some beautiful writings ?  Finally I decided to use a snowing view, I simply love it.

Hmmm … to my surprise, I am actually working pretty fast when I decided to take it slow. 

Rest is required now.   Am having some icy cold orange juice to refresh ... I just need it.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vintage book like travel organizer / travel purse sewing pattern

This available is available in my Etsy shop now.  The idea of this design actually comes from a an old book.  I love collecting old books, which present such nostalgic feeling.  I collected quite a number of beautiful printed linen fabrics that suits this project so well.   I am sure turning the beautiful linen fabrics into travel organizer / purse will surely be something so unique.

Voila,  here are the results of my works. 

Features of this travel organizer pattern

Features of this travel organizer (as shown in photo)

♥ 4 pocket compartments big enough for your passport, boarding passes, tickets, other documents or money and you can slot a pen in the pocket too.
♥ 5 credit card compartments (you can put 2 cards in each compartment too).
♥ A zipper pocket compartments for coins and other loose items
♥ a key holder ribbon to hook they keys to your room.


● Height 23 cm (9 inches)
● Width 15.5 cm (6 inches) when closed or 32.5 cm (12.2 inches) when open

A little idea came to my mind, I added 2 columns at the front panel of this travel purse.  The new owner can write their name and address onto the beautiful travel purse.  In case the purse goes missing, someone with good heart can trace this purse back to the owner (pray hard**)  ^v^

If you are interested to purchase this pattern, please feel free to email me at 

or visit my Etsy shop at the link below. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hexagon patchwork basket bag.

This bag is completed, yahoo !!  It is just perfect as expected.  I hope you will love it ^v^!  The pattern will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

The entire bag is fully quilted.  Quilting allows the bag to maintain its shape and also very comfortable to the touch. 

The unique patchwork bag provides very idea shape to put all daily goodies.  You don’t have to rummaging about to look for things at all.  It’s light and easy to carry around.

The long handles also makes this bag very easy to carry, as a shoulder bag or handbag.  

I  hope you love this bag too ^v^ !

Am taking a break from now on !!

If you are interested to purchase this pattern, please feel free to email me at StoryQuilter@gmail.com or visit my Etsy shop.  ^v^

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lazy morning .....

Simple breakfast and my new book, and my relaxing music, of course !  For a lazy windy morning !  I just love this wonderful feeling, life is beautiful.  Have a good day to me, and my hubby  ^v^

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

All stitched up !

Finally I have finished with sewing the 110 pieces of hexagon together.  A little hiccup occurred when I found that I need to add extra line to the entire work, just to reach the height I want for my project. 

Taking a closer look, all the hexagons are intact and in good shape !

I am following Japanese way to sew up the hexagon pieces.  Here is how it looks at the back after ironing.

Hmmm … patchwork projects actually required some calculations some times, also some drawing tools that I used during my school time.   What a nostalgic feeling to see the old mathematical instruments again.   

Alright, I know the size of the bag and also made my template for the base.  Tomorrow is going to be quilting work.  Pray that everything will go smooth like royal icing !  ^v^ 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Playing with the hexagons!

These are my harvest from yesterday.  I just love the colors so much.

It has been so fun to work on my hexagon pieces.  I just love and feel amazed to see the effect from combining different pieces to see how the results will be.  With simple swapping of those pieces, the effect will turn out brighter or “warmify”.  Hmmm… I think I will go for “warmifying” effect.  

Since this is going to be small project, I am not going to use hexagon templates to sew all the hexagon fabrics together.  I am using this very straight forward method which saves me a lot of time from preparing so many hexagon paper templates (time saving 1).  I don't have to pre-sew all the fabrics into hexagon (time saving 2) before I actually can sew all the hexagon pieces together (time saving 3).   If you are not familiar with this method, there are always many ways to make hexagon patchwork.  I found that this site from Pretty by hand gives you very good tuition to sew the hexagon patchwork.

After collecting fabrics from every row (photo above). I would label them based on the rows and also I will take not which fabric is the starting point and ending point and clip them properly.  The best way to remember is also to take photos of the arrangement.     

Slowly I am stitching up the pieces, as fabrics pieces are arranged earlier,  sewing them become far easier than ever. 

Within hours,  I am done with sewing up the fabrics pieces.  Not quite finished yet, remember to label each row so that I won't get mixed up here.  

I just fall for the colors ......  

Am attaching the row number at the starting fabric of each row.  Also, I took photos before that to remind me of the arrangement of each rows (whether it's inverted inward or outward) .

Tomorrow I am going to sewing the rows together. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Grandmother's garden patchwork project

I am eager to try Grandmother’s garden patchwork project for so long.  So far I have been looking for shape of bags that is suitable for my new patchwork project.  Finally I decided to make bucket bag for this type of patchwork.  I have been choosing my fabrics these few days.  I think vintage floral fabrics will be very suitable for my new project. Here are my selections of fabrics.  What do you think ?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Belle Moi (Beautiful me) Appliqued piggy pouch.

Belle Moi in French simply means beautiful me. 

I have been looking for the simplest word to express one self.  We are all beautiful creature of God.  Agree ?

This pouch was started from an exciting heart of little piggy, dressing up nicely, waiting for good thing to come.  You know, if you feel happy every day, you will be surprised good things actually come towards you, and you can’t stop it.

After making this appliqué, I tried to look for the simplest way to express little piggy’s feeling.  Yes !  Beautiful me !  It’s so simple and yet so powerful.  It can simply motivate you to be more confident and happier.  That’s it !  Am sewing it up ! 

Voila!!  It’s magic, looking at how this wonderful embroidery feels my heart now.  I am so happy for the result. 

If you are interested to purchase this pattern, please feel free to email me at 

or visit my Etsy shop at the link below. 


 Remember, good things will come your way.  Stay happy, stay beautiful, always …. Cheers !

Monday, April 13, 2015

My second wedding ring cushion is finally completed !!

This request was made since last year.  Since Oct last year, I have been collecting information to design my second wedding ring cushion.  At first I thought I want to use the normal applique to make this wedding ring cushion but something just keep stopping me from starting this project. It is not unique at all.

Was making this sketching at my hometown, and this was how this project has a starting point.

Back to KL, I started to draw my sketch drawing out. Since then, I have been testing many ways to present this drawing, from felt to applique, but all these techniques were not able to present the layers of peonies.  All the hardworks were down the drain ..... (*sob sob sob*)

beginning April 2015 Finally I thought of a way to present the flowers in my drawing.  These petals were not ready made, instead, they were handmade by me, piece by piece.  I designed the shape and cut out the fabrics, then burn and melt each piece of the petal.  They were then stitched up to make beautiful peonies.

 After sourcing the right background fabric, it's time to transfer the pattern onto the fabric.

Little petals were slowly stitched up to make beautiful peonies.  I felt like I am a florist when trying to arrange the ribbon, flowers and leaves.  To be frank, a lot of attention was required to attend to the arrangement.  The ribbon was hand stitched and each leave was sewn up onto the fabric.

Finally, this was completed last week. I am just so happy with the result, the flowers look so real and I really love the color combination too (it was my biggest concern because I want the colors to be bright and sophisticated)

Finally this was completed few days ago.  My elegant and couture wedding ring cushion, Thank GOD !!!  ^_________^

Hmm… I choose the pencil like embroidery thread instead of heavy color.

And 2 joyful lover birds at the top of the wreath.  They look so happy, like the couple-to-be ^v^ 

I added a pair of tassel to the cushion, tassels actually made an elegant cushion looks more elegant than ever.  I am sure the Christina will surely be so happy to see this.   Am so excited to send this to her soon ^v^

Congratulations in advance to Desmond & Christina ^v^