Monday, April 13, 2015

My second wedding ring cushion is finally completed !!

This request was made since last year.  Since Oct last year, I have been collecting information to design my second wedding ring cushion.  At first I thought I want to use the normal applique to make this wedding ring cushion but something just keep stopping me from starting this project. It is not unique at all.

Was making this sketching at my hometown, and this was how this project has a starting point.

Back to KL, I started to draw my sketch drawing out. Since then, I have been testing many ways to present this drawing, from felt to applique, but all these techniques were not able to present the layers of peonies.  All the hardworks were down the drain ..... (*sob sob sob*)

beginning April 2015 Finally I thought of a way to present the flowers in my drawing.  These petals were not ready made, instead, they were handmade by me, piece by piece.  I designed the shape and cut out the fabrics, then burn and melt each piece of the petal.  They were then stitched up to make beautiful peonies.

 After sourcing the right background fabric, it's time to transfer the pattern onto the fabric.

Little petals were slowly stitched up to make beautiful peonies.  I felt like I am a florist when trying to arrange the ribbon, flowers and leaves.  To be frank, a lot of attention was required to attend to the arrangement.  The ribbon was hand stitched and each leave was sewn up onto the fabric.

Finally, this was completed last week. I am just so happy with the result, the flowers look so real and I really love the color combination too (it was my biggest concern because I want the colors to be bright and sophisticated)

Finally this was completed few days ago.  My elegant and couture wedding ring cushion, Thank GOD !!!  ^_________^

Hmm… I choose the pencil like embroidery thread instead of heavy color.

And 2 joyful lover birds at the top of the wreath.  They look so happy, like the couple-to-be ^v^ 

I added a pair of tassel to the cushion, tassels actually made an elegant cushion looks more elegant than ever.  I am sure the Christina will surely be so happy to see this.   Am so excited to send this to her soon ^v^

Congratulations in advance to Desmond & Christina ^v^

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