Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Work in Progress ! Wedding Ring cushion for Desmond and his lovely wife ^v^

I did a wedding ring cushion project using Baltimore quilt concept few years ago. 

Last year, I received a special request from a special couple.  I have been collecting information and fabrics for this project.  After going through so many ideas, I finally decided to make something my own way, it is going to be different than the earlier wedding ring cushion project.  I am sure the result is going to be awesome.  Right now I am having fun just to make the fabric flowers ^v^.  I am so thrill to see the result. 

Here is my work in progress …...

Monday, March 16, 2015

St. Patrick Day 2015

It is good to be simple and comfortable ^v^ 
(St. Patrick Day grand ball was on 14/3/2015)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Gift from my husband ^v^

He knows I love Anteprima wired bag ever since I first saw it in Hong Kong. Though I never requested him to buy for me but he knows I will surely be so happy to have it.  Yesterday, he bought me this beautiful Anteprima wired back in KLCC.  That’s my husband, he will always remember to make me happy, once a while, there will be surprises.  I am just so lucky not because of the bag he but because he always remember to please me, after so many years of marriage, and he still does.  Thank you so much, honey.  I really appreciate what you have done and given me all these while ^v^.  Love you !

It’s a dinner bag for St. Patrick Day ball night.