Thursday, September 26, 2013

Home sweet home wall hanging / mini quilt

As always, my projects started from sketching like this, from smaller pieces of paper to bigger and bigger one until finally coming to the real pattern stage. 

This is a Home Sweet Home project for our new home soon.  I am now in the middle of gathering fonts for the applique …. Besides that, I will add little 3 D candies applique for this project.  I am experimenting the technique now … ^V^

Hopefully the project will end up as what I wished for... wish me luck   (^o^)

30/9/2013, sunny day, 5:45 pm

I stuck half way while sketching out the design of this Home Sweet Home mini quilt.  I was struggling to decide on the details I am going to put in for this little quilt.  A little change in decision will make the following design to have a lot to amend.

 Finally I decided to choose the fabrics for the words first rather than bothering too much about the layout and detail first.  I know half way through I will surely have something to amend.  My main decision now is what kind of style should I use for my quilt, whether it is chic, country, elegant or Victorian etc.  Taking a look at my renovated new home, I will choose something floral and comfortable design, I like it nature and easy feeling in my living room. 

Few hours to choose fabrics ….. matching ... figuring out , throw out unsuitable ones ….. finally come to decide the fabrics I want for my quilt ^v^

It is a good idea for you to cut out small pieces of fabrics and match it to your background fabric.    Using this way, you won’t waste too much wrongly matched fabric.

Here are my chosen fabrics for my mini quilt today.  I am so excited to sew them to my mini quilt and see the result tomorrow .

(waiting for tomorrow to come **)


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zakka style needle book PDF sewing pattern

Here is a little suggestion for you, if you are planning to make a needle book, always think of the size and some compartments or pockets for your sewing items.  

I love Japanese zakka style concept all the time.  So for this needle book, I am going to make something with vintage look yet zakka style.  Apart from serving 1 purpose, I also want my needle book to be a decorative item in my studio.

Here is what I made, Petite Fleur 3 D flower needle book.   Hope you will like it 

Feel free to visit my Etsy shop for the pattern ^v^
It's a way to decorate my little studio and using this way, I don't have to locate my needle book which is hiding in the piling fabrics anymore  ^v^

There are all together 6 pages in the needle book, with 2 pockets at the front and back pages. The pockets can be used to store the scissors and other sewing items, ribbons, buttons etc
Sewing technique required :  ladder stitch (hidden stitch) and hand applique technique

I also love to label the pages because I always messed up my needle type.  So labeling helps me organize my needle easily.  Embroidery needles go to embroidery page, sewing needles go to sewing needle page etc ^u^

Hope you love my idea of needle book and enjoy making one for yourself soon ^^

** * If you would love to purchase the pattern kit, please contact me at

Next project, Zakka Style needle book. Will be available in my Etsy shop soon. ^V^

A preview of  my needle book.  My pattern will be available for sell in my Etsy shop tomorrow ^v^

I always mess up my sewing needles, having a needle book come be handy to me to organize my needles perfectly. The needle book follow zakka style yet comes with vintage look.

If you would love to purchase the needle book sewing kit too, please contact me at