Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zakka style needle book PDF sewing pattern

Here is a little suggestion for you, if you are planning to make a needle book, always think of the size and some compartments or pockets for your sewing items.  

I love Japanese zakka style concept all the time.  So for this needle book, I am going to make something with vintage look yet zakka style.  Apart from serving 1 purpose, I also want my needle book to be a decorative item in my studio.

Here is what I made, Petite Fleur 3 D flower needle book.   Hope you will like it 

Feel free to visit my Etsy shop for the pattern ^v^
It's a way to decorate my little studio and using this way, I don't have to locate my needle book which is hiding in the piling fabrics anymore  ^v^

There are all together 6 pages in the needle book, with 2 pockets at the front and back pages. The pockets can be used to store the scissors and other sewing items, ribbons, buttons etc
Sewing technique required :  ladder stitch (hidden stitch) and hand applique technique

I also love to label the pages because I always messed up my needle type.  So labeling helps me organize my needle easily.  Embroidery needles go to embroidery page, sewing needles go to sewing needle page etc ^u^

Hope you love my idea of needle book and enjoy making one for yourself soon ^^

** * If you would love to purchase the pattern kit, please contact me at storyquilter@gmail.com

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