Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sew a fast and easy minimalist zipper wallet

Sew a very quick to make unisex zipper wallet using this pattern !

I designed and made this minimalist style unisex zipper wallet due to my husband’s request.  Before we went to Spain, my husband wanted a wallet that can easily allow him to put in his cash, coins and credit cards with handy pocket size.  There will be no hassle looking for wallet in his backpack when we were on our trip. 

After designing the size and template for this wallet, It took me about less than an hour to sew this wonderful wallet for him.  I used ticking fabric and thin cotton jeans-look-alike fabric, just to present a unisex look for this wallet (sometimes I can use it too ^v^).

All you need are just simple materials to start this sewing project and it surely is going to be great gift for your love one.

♥ lining and fabrics 

♥ medium fusible interface

♥ sticky pad 

♥ zipper 6.5" 

♥ sewing materials, marking pencil

* Very handy for its size, Fits comfortably in your front or back pocket, also making it a perfect size as travel wallet. Absolutely a wonderful minimalist wallet too.


● 5 (1/4) “ x 3 (1/4)” 

* 1 zipper pocket for your cash and coins, cheque and keys.

* 1 pocket at the front secured with sticky strap that holds your credit cards, driver license , gift cards well. The pocket is able to hold 4 – 5 cards

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