Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hawaiian quilt

This is my first project for higher level course, Hawaiian quilt. I didn't take down the step for cutting down the fabric but this site has good explanation with photos.

After that, I need to perform basting to sew put up the pattern which was arranged properly onto the background fabric (as shown in photo) before starting the applique process.

When applique the pattern, first you need to fold the fabric by tracing along the pattern as shown.

then pin it. After that, have patient, slowly perform the applique. One key point is, never cut the fabric if you find that you cannot sew up the shape as you wish eg. the sharp edge, the round edge. There are ways to do it.

As usual make a trace line onto fabric as shown,

fold the fabric, this create the edge as shown in circle area

carefully fold the edge into the fabric again, and pin it tightly as shown below.

Sew up (applique method) the edge as shown below

there you go, a sharp edge.

Work place

I turned the study room of my Shanghai apartment into my work place. It is good that the landlord installed a big rack in this study room, I can display my work and do some decoration. This study room has a limitation though. I will need to move my working stuff to the living room because after 3 pm because it will be very dark that I can't even do anything.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

casual sling bag

It is -3 degree in Shanghai today.

I didn't managed to record down the process of making this sling bag, regretful. I do remember after completing this project (14th Jul 2008), I suffered finger and muscle injury and required to stop working for patchwork for one month. I was too addicted to making bags that I continuously working on big project like this one. Lesson learnt, I have to cool down a bit, sometimes I need to switch to smaller pouch project to allow my fingers and muscle relax. To those handmade lovers out there, remember always treasure our health.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Very cute country house purse (11/5/08)


I have to admit that making this purse was really a tough work.  I didn't want to follow the pattern from my patchwork school instead, I designed and match my own favourite colors.  It was tough in the beginning, I didn't have any ideas what to match at all, so it took me quite to get started.  As the sakizome fabrics I used were very thick, I broke one needle while sewing up the bias strap.  I pierced my fingers many times while sewing up the zipper too (ouch !).  You can imagine how hard I worked on this purse.  But every hard work was just worth it.  I felt so proud and glad to see the result.  My course mates all loved my ideas, some even ask me for the pattern

This is the back side of my purse

This is the inner view of my purse.

And belows are the zip head I used for my purse

Christmas is coming soon.....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Country Style wall hanging patchwork project

This is supposed to be my beginner level project but I didn't managed to complete it until after almost a year later, I started to remember I still owe my instructor something.

This project is supposed to have 25 pieces of love applique but I decided to cut down to a few pieces. I finished sewing up the pieces into a bigger piece today. Right now I am locating the suitable fabric for the border. I guess I should be able to complete this project by end of the week (hopefully)... (11/11/2008, 3:00pm) It's time to design Maggie's bag now.

4/12/08, I finally completed my work, so happy, I can enjoy a few days break from now on.

14/11/2008, 1:42pm
I am still working on the border and the applique charaters today. While working on this project, I also work on my intermediate project at the same time. Right now I have the last piece of block pattern to complete, then I am half way to completing my course already. YES!

4/12/08, 10:30 am, I finally completed my project. I can take few days break from now on :D, hehe...

Take a look at my hearts

Gift from an Egyptian friend.

I received the papyrus paiting from an Egyptian friend, Omaima, yesterday. I was surprised and very pleased to have received such a precious gift. The painting was produced using ancient Egyptian way. The material was make of plant fiber with dark legenic cells for the horizontal and vertical line.

This piece of art is actually a token of appreciation from Omaima. She appreciated me comforting her during the tough time, when her husband was stroke by heart attack and was sent back to Egypt for operation. It's really a great news to hear that her husband didn't need to go through very serious operation because his condition was quite stable. All the friends in patchwork school felt so happy to hear that. Thank GOD !

Patchwork Christmas Tree

It's Christmas today !! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Here is my stuffed Christmas tree. We decided to have very simple Christmas this year. We ordered pizza set last night and enjoyed every bite of it. It was such a joyous Christmas eve.

We received this free gift few weeks ago while ordering KFC big bucket meal. It's a set of fridge magnet, with mosaic surface. How cute !!!

Little Country House purse

I made this purse last year. The process of stitching this purse was really very hard to stitch. I remember adjusting the zip many times that I needed to re-do it a few times. Besides that, due to the very thick fabric layers, my fingers were injured quite seriously that I needed to stop making projects for almost a month. Ever since then, I keep reminding myself to take good care of my fingers all the time.

Below is the inner view of my purse. I am just to happy to have complete my purse :>.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hexagon, nine patch

I decided to choose color blend more towards red brown this time. I think I must have wrongly prepare the pattern this time, the size of the hexagon is actually smaller than the actual project pattern. I only got to realise it yesterday. Otherwise I would have finished patching by yesterday :<. I am more than half way through now. I should be able to complete it today. :> (6/11/08)

Back for holidays in Kuala Lumpur

I was back in KL in October for my brother in law's wedding. Got to take down some photos of shopping malls in KL. I have to admit that the lifestyle in Kuala Lumpur is really fantastic. If not for safety is the greatest concern, I believe Malaysia is the best place to live in. The photos above was taken in Sunway Pyramid. At the center of this shopping mall is a big ice skating ring.

Having our lunch at one of the Italian restaurants. Seafood spaghetti.

Casual bag

I haven't been writing blog for sometimes. Blogger was having some problem for the past few weeks.

I made this bag before going back to Malaysia. I remember I was still sewing the bag while in Kuala Lumpur(my hometown is in East Malaysia). Rather than rushing to simply complete this project, I prefer to sew it to perfection. This is a gift for my sister. After seeing past projects, she must have gained some confident about my work, that's why she kept asking me in very polite manner if i could make a very simple bag for her. She finally got it.

Like a little school girl, she quickly walk around my little hometown showing off her bag to her friends. At first she was quite disappointed because her friends didn't know how to appreciate patchwork bags and they don't even know the value of handmade item. My sister never show her bag again to her friends after that. But few days later, she became noisy again because a few friends from very rich family background spotted her bag. They love this bag so much and envy that my sister was able to have one so easily. One of the friends even asked me to make a pouch for her and she was willing to pay a good price for it. I was not willing to accept the order in the beginning but my sister kept advising me to take this opportunity. It may be a little career for me who knows.

Right now I am sourcing for the suitable design and pattern. Am thinking of making Sunbonnet Sue this time but not confirmed yet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Husband's bag

This is my second project for Intermediate level. Collecting the fabrics were such a hassle cause during that time, most of the beautiful fabrics were out of stock. I went to a few fabric stores around here to collect fabrics I wanted at the same time waiting for the new stock to arrive. that's the main problem of learning patchwork in Shanghai. We always know that most of the fabrics were made in China but you will be surprised that it's really really hard to get nice quality fabrics within China, this is because most of the nice quality stuff are meant for export. how strange right ?

It took me 2 weeks to complete this bag. I gave for my husband as a gift cause he is my main sponsorship for this course .
At least this should cover his mouth for not complaining me buying too many fabrics that stock up our reading room now. :>

Old Shanghai Heritage building - The Bund

Was at The Bund last Sunday, a very popular place in Shanghai, also a place to experience a totally new and old Shanghai.

I tried to capture as many old Shanghai heritage buildings as possible this time because I feel sad to see that a lot of old Shanghai buildings and community were destroyed and replace by totally brand new look.

Take a look at the photo below, this building was there few months ago but now it's totally gone. It is such a great loss ! The local don't seem to appreciate the historical piece of art at all as compared to those foreigners who came all the way from all around the world just to visit the old heritage. I wonder if they regret about this change one day.

Followings are some of the old heritage remained (maybe they will be gone soon, who knows)