Monday, November 10, 2008

Country Style wall hanging patchwork project

This is supposed to be my beginner level project but I didn't managed to complete it until after almost a year later, I started to remember I still owe my instructor something.

This project is supposed to have 25 pieces of love applique but I decided to cut down to a few pieces. I finished sewing up the pieces into a bigger piece today. Right now I am locating the suitable fabric for the border. I guess I should be able to complete this project by end of the week (hopefully)... (11/11/2008, 3:00pm) It's time to design Maggie's bag now.

4/12/08, I finally completed my work, so happy, I can enjoy a few days break from now on.

14/11/2008, 1:42pm
I am still working on the border and the applique charaters today. While working on this project, I also work on my intermediate project at the same time. Right now I have the last piece of block pattern to complete, then I am half way to completing my course already. YES!

4/12/08, 10:30 am, I finally completed my project. I can take few days break from now on :D, hehe...

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