Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Casual bag

I haven't been writing blog for sometimes. Blogger was having some problem for the past few weeks.

I made this bag before going back to Malaysia. I remember I was still sewing the bag while in Kuala Lumpur(my hometown is in East Malaysia). Rather than rushing to simply complete this project, I prefer to sew it to perfection. This is a gift for my sister. After seeing past projects, she must have gained some confident about my work, that's why she kept asking me in very polite manner if i could make a very simple bag for her. She finally got it.

Like a little school girl, she quickly walk around my little hometown showing off her bag to her friends. At first she was quite disappointed because her friends didn't know how to appreciate patchwork bags and they don't even know the value of handmade item. My sister never show her bag again to her friends after that. But few days later, she became noisy again because a few friends from very rich family background spotted her bag. They love this bag so much and envy that my sister was able to have one so easily. One of the friends even asked me to make a pouch for her and she was willing to pay a good price for it. I was not willing to accept the order in the beginning but my sister kept advising me to take this opportunity. It may be a little career for me who knows.

Right now I am sourcing for the suitable design and pattern. Am thinking of making Sunbonnet Sue this time but not confirmed yet.

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