Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Very cute country house purse (11/5/08)


I have to admit that making this purse was really a tough work.  I didn't want to follow the pattern from my patchwork school instead, I designed and match my own favourite colors.  It was tough in the beginning, I didn't have any ideas what to match at all, so it took me quite to get started.  As the sakizome fabrics I used were very thick, I broke one needle while sewing up the bias strap.  I pierced my fingers many times while sewing up the zipper too (ouch !).  You can imagine how hard I worked on this purse.  But every hard work was just worth it.  I felt so proud and glad to see the result.  My course mates all loved my ideas, some even ask me for the pattern

This is the back side of my purse

This is the inner view of my purse.

And belows are the zip head I used for my purse

Christmas is coming soon.....


PatchworkPottery said...

Very Very beautiful wallet purse! It was definitely worth all your hsrd work and poked fingers! I love how it turned out.... you really did an amazing job!
Hugs, Laurraine

Story Quilt said...

Really ? Wow, I am so glad to hear that. I love this purse very much too. Like you said, it's worth the hard work :>
\(^V^)/Hugs, Story Quilter

jean said...

yes I think it is indeed a very very very nice purse and handiwork... I admired your patience in hand sewing it 100% without machine. I wouldn't have that patience.. I will definitely use my sewing machine to sew it and applique it :-) and I must say your color coordination is very beautifully done :-)

keep it up!! :-) Oh I would like to ask, where did you get such beautiful nice earth color fabric?

(i stumbled upon your blog while going thru some beautiful works in the blogworld).

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Jean.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, this traveling pouch was hand stitched, and it was really a tough way to sew up the zipper but when I finally completed it, I think every hard work was worth it. I love the colors combination very much too. It was like story book kind of colors. I was beginner that time, when I mix and matched the colors by my own, all my coursemates were very surprised to see the effect. :)

The fabrics I used was Japanese sakizome fabrics, you can see a lot of Japanese patchwork gurus normally use this types of fabrics for their works.

Enjoy, hope to see your works too. By the way, I cannot access to blogspots when I am in China because they banned a lot of fun sites. As a result , please feel free to view my future works in 。

Enjoy !

Story Quilt