Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Basting !

After coming back from Japan, my neck condition was so much better. So long, after I finally managed to move my head without feeling 'electrify' at my fingers and toes. Before that, i tought of giving up already, I really need to thank GOD for sending me a good doctor to cure my problem.

Today, i am going to do basting for my entire project. My husband is traveling to Hong Kong now, I can make use of the entire living room space to spread my project.

First, I need to spread the inner fabric, facing down, as shown below. Then, tape the four sides fabric with masking tape.

After that, place the batting on top of the inner fabric as shown.

Finally, for the next few days, I make sure I eat full meal, make sure I have enough energy, on my mark, kneel down and basting all the way from center to the sides.

As expected, 4 days to complete basing the whole piece, I am really exhausted. And my weight reduced by 2 kg.

Now that I realise it is sunny outside.