Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beautiful bag charm, free gift for elegant tote bag series.

I still have some fabric left from my previous project.  I think I will make something for the new owner of the long tote bag.....  The new owner is also my regular customer, this is a token of appreciation of her support.  


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Elegant tote bag 2.

This is another series of my bag, a long trunk tote bag.  
The tote is layered and sew with beautiful elegant lace.  Entire bag is padded and interfaced.  With quilted appearance to the top and bottom layer of the bag.

Please take a look at the little pearl detail sew to the lace  ^v^

Again, with cheerful interior is my requirement for bag making.  

To have an idea about this bag  .....  My friend said it is a beautiful diaper bag too.  I have never thought of making a diaper bag.  Maybe next time.  

The bag is sold out too.

2 very elegant tote bags for an elegant Thanksgiving day

3rd November 2011, Autumn, shanghai.
Hmmm.... the fabric looks so elegant and it has been in my fabric cabinet for quite some time.  I decided to make something simple and elegant to fully present the beautiful print of the fabrics (from Kokka Japan).

11st Nov 2011

This is what I want to present for my first tote bag.

The bottom layer is quilted and sewed with tiny lovely pearls to further present the elegant details. (above)

With the contrasting layer, the bag is now added with more soft colors.

Of course, I always want both the front and inside of my bag to be presentable and cheerful.  This teddy was left over fabric.  I  can't do any more bag with the small piece of fabric but I just love it.  With a little thinking, I decided to stitch it up to the pocket beside my brand  ^v^

Below is the idea of the size of the bag.

Again, this bag is sold out before I managed to upload to my Etsy.
I am really glad to see that my works were appreciated.  ^v^

Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to install a magnetic snap to your bag ?

Rather than sewing up zipper to you tote, if the design of your bag allow magnetic snap, why not use it ?

Here is the step on how to install the magnetic snap.

A magnetic snap set should have 4 items as shown below ; one half of the snap is magnetic, the other part of the snap is metal and is 'attracted' to the other. They click together to make a closure and they are applied at the FRONT of your bag.  
The other 2 pieces with holes are the secure discs and they are used to secure the magnetic button to its position.  These 2 pieces of discs are used at the BACK side of  your bag.  

Apart from the magnetic snaps, you will also need 
  • a water removable fabric marker (or tailor chalk)
  • 2 pieces fusible interface (slight larger than the magnetic snap)
  • 2 pieces of fleece about the same size as the fusible interface(I used my batting in this case).
  • Embroidery scissors.
  • A pair of pliers

From photo below, assuming the 2 red fabrics are fabrics of your bag that you want to install the magnetic snap.  After measuring the position to place your magnetic snap at the front of the fabric, ,  iron on the fusible interface to the BACK of your fabrics. Mark where you need to make 'tiny' little holes for you to insert the magnetic snap prongs through the fabric. Use these marks as a guide to where you need to make very small incision using your scissors

Cut very tiny holes on to the mark.  Be very care as you only need very small hole. 

Apply the same thing to the other fabric.  Next, Push the prongs of the magnetic snap through the incisions. 

Place the fleece (or batting) onto the prongs. 

Then place the disc onto the prongs.  Using a pair of pliers,  fold the prongs as shown below.

Apply the same steps to the other half of the snap to complete the full task.

Sample example, here is how it looks like on your bag.

If you are interested to order the above snaps, please visit my Etsy.  ^v^

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Elegant slim pouch for someone, not for sell

I am making this beautiful and elegant pouch for a good cause.  I didn't have any plan about the kind of pouch I am going to make at all.  All I know is the pouch has to be light and it must be a sling pouch in order to allow the new owner to be able to walk without any difficulty.  

8/11/2011, cloudy , drizzle.  2:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

I didn;t even thought of starting to making this bag this afternoon.  After having my lunch, I just got myself pencil and paper and started to draw a pattern that is not even in my mind ( i only thought that it should be about this size).  Then automatically, I went to choose fabrics for this little project, and every single detail (quilting, design of corsage etc) required came into my mind so sponteneously along the process of making this pouch.  Strange......

I think I am going to quilt it in a simpler pattern to create an elegant appearance that matches the floral fabric here.  Maybe adding an outline is good to create a contrasting effect to the entire bag.  

5:00 pm.  Think I want to call it a stop.  Time to prepare dinner.  It's still raining outside....

9/11/2011.  8 : 30 am.  

Continue my work early in the morning.  The entire bag is done around 2:00pm ,ho ho ho ....  Let's see, a matching corsage (I forgot to take photo of the pattern  ......).  Any way, I made something very simple and elegant using very simple technique.  Just draw petals of different sizes and bind them and sewed up a little pearl in the middle.   DONE !!!!

Let you have any idea of this bag.  My little beautiful pouch, your ultimate mission is to make the new owner very happy.  

Off you go to the gift wrapper...