Thursday, November 24, 2011

2 very elegant tote bags for an elegant Thanksgiving day

3rd November 2011, Autumn, shanghai.
Hmmm.... the fabric looks so elegant and it has been in my fabric cabinet for quite some time.  I decided to make something simple and elegant to fully present the beautiful print of the fabrics (from Kokka Japan).

11st Nov 2011

This is what I want to present for my first tote bag.

The bottom layer is quilted and sewed with tiny lovely pearls to further present the elegant details. (above)

With the contrasting layer, the bag is now added with more soft colors.

Of course, I always want both the front and inside of my bag to be presentable and cheerful.  This teddy was left over fabric.  I  can't do any more bag with the small piece of fabric but I just love it.  With a little thinking, I decided to stitch it up to the pocket beside my brand  ^v^

Below is the idea of the size of the bag.

Again, this bag is sold out before I managed to upload to my Etsy.
I am really glad to see that my works were appreciated.  ^v^

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