Thursday, November 24, 2011

Elegant tote bag 2.

This is another series of my bag, a long trunk tote bag.  
The tote is layered and sew with beautiful elegant lace.  Entire bag is padded and interfaced.  With quilted appearance to the top and bottom layer of the bag.

Please take a look at the little pearl detail sew to the lace  ^v^

Again, with cheerful interior is my requirement for bag making.  

To have an idea about this bag  .....  My friend said it is a beautiful diaper bag too.  I have never thought of making a diaper bag.  Maybe next time.  

The bag is sold out too.


pratima said...

Gorgeous bags! They are elegant and sweet with beautiful lace and pearl beads.

Story Quilt said...

Hello, Pratima. Thank you so much for your comment. By the way, if you are joining facebook, please join me too ^v^

starsunflower said...

Aww so pretty! :) <3

Story Quilt said...

thank you, Starsunflower ^v^