Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hawaiian quilt

This is my first project for higher level course, Hawaiian quilt. I didn't take down the step for cutting down the fabric but this site has good explanation with photos.

After that, I need to perform basting to sew put up the pattern which was arranged properly onto the background fabric (as shown in photo) before starting the applique process.

When applique the pattern, first you need to fold the fabric by tracing along the pattern as shown.

then pin it. After that, have patient, slowly perform the applique. One key point is, never cut the fabric if you find that you cannot sew up the shape as you wish eg. the sharp edge, the round edge. There are ways to do it.

As usual make a trace line onto fabric as shown,

fold the fabric, this create the edge as shown in circle area

carefully fold the edge into the fabric again, and pin it tightly as shown below.

Sew up (applique method) the edge as shown below

there you go, a sharp edge.


PatchworkPottery said...

Perfect points! Thank you for the tutorial :o)
Hugs from Laurraine in Canada

Story Quilt said...

No problem :>
Hugs from Story Quilter

Mysterious Witch said...

it was amazing... i'd love to know each step...

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Mysterious Witch.

If you know how to do applique, the above instruction will be sufficient because the most difficult part is the sharp edge. As for the round shape area, it will be like the normal applique. I believe you will have no problem to do it. :> Enjoy !

Patricia Neri said...

Thank you for the tutorial. I loved. Kisses, from Patricia Neri in Brasil.