Monday, January 5, 2009

Onigiri - my simple lunch

It's 2 - 3 degree, cloudy day in Shanghai.

I put on a lot of weight lately. Partly because of the cold weather and the time I put it 'addicted' to making my patchwork bag. I am working on Maggie's bag today.

I will make onigiri whenever I feel lazy to cook (especially in this cold whether). Onigiri (Japanese round shape rice) is very easy and fast to make. I mix the rice with Japanese rice vinegar, onigiri mix and some of my home cooked deep fried anchovies, then shape it into triangular shape as shown, then wrap it nicely with salted Japanese seaweed, then open my big mouth, and have a big bite ! It's yummy. And it's also a good way to keep fit too.

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