Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunbonnet sue casual bag

I decided to make this Sunbonnet Sue casual bag for my sister's friend, it was my first official order. I have been postponing making this project for quite sometimes until knowing that Chinese New Year fell in January, that was when I started this project. I wished that when someone use my bag, they are always proud to present it the friends and show off ! (of course, like I always did). It is such an honour to me. As a result I put in quite a long time, thinking of pattern and fabrics that suits the user.

I made the applique and quilt for both sides of the bag.

7th Jun 2009
It is about 2 degree today. Finally I am able to see the shape of my bag. Hopefully I am able to complete stitching the sides and border together (I know it is not possible).

I was right, because half way stitching the sides, I stopped but switched my attention to my Hawaiian quilt project. I have the habit of making few projects at the same time because sometimes I get a bit bored while working too long on the same project.

After combining the sides and border, the next step is to carry out bias strapping.

The most wonderful time for me while making a bag is when I see real shape is about to present. I feel so excited today !

I have been looking for a suitable bag hanger for this bag but it was not that easy to find the leather bag holder in Shanghai. Rummaging through my workplace, I finally found a hand bag belt that I brought from Osaka, Japan last year (thank GOD ! Otherwise this bag will not be completed on time). Finally, after sewing up the bag holder, my bag is completed !

Sunbonnet Sue is happily waiting for the owner to bring it out for shopping now.

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My 1st Bambina ! said...

You did awesome with the Sunbonnet bag... so cute... I love it !!!