Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year

I am now back to my country, Malaysia. Lately I noticed that there are a lot of foreginers migrating to Kuala Lumpur, I wonder why... It is not that hard to find out after I have a few days stay in Kuala Lumpur (always referred to as KL). Lifestyle in KL has taken a big twist from very conventional way to very cosmo sytle. I couldn't believe its change after just a short period of time.

KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center, world highest twin tower)

From my understanding a lot of foreigners chose Malaysia as their retirement home mainly because of its low cost of living, lifestyle and most importantly, the beautiful weather.

I recently read an article of a Belgium artist describing her daily life as "beautiful sunshine in the morning, tropical rain in the afternoon that brings you wonderful feeling and romantic dinner under the sky full of stars". That exactly describe Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I really envy that she could enjoy all these because I have long missed those beautiful moments ever since my husband worked in China.

How I wish we could come back soon and enjoy the lifestyle in Malaysia again.

Check out this site to find out more about my country (Sabah offers one of the top diving spots in the world) (a good site to know how to migrate to Malaysia) (My hometown, a beautiful place full of green and wild life, also called the land of hornbill)

Below, taking a express boat ride along Rejang River back to my hometown, Kapit. The Ibans and long houses are the main attractions here.


Faizah said...


I'm really interested to learn patchwork and stumbled on ur blog. What an interesting blog!!

Could you please let me know what shud I have (for material) to start my work? May be some beginner's tips perhaps? and where can I find those patchwork gadget and material in KL?

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Faizah.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I bought my tools and material while attending classes in China. I think there is one patchwork store in Bangsar village and another one at SS2 (I don't have the address but I know there is a Poh Kong store on the same block).

The best way to know what tools you are going to need is to refer to the Japanese patchwork books at Kinokuniya KLCC (^^). The Japanese craft books provide lots of details and ideas about patchwork and with photos provided that clearly help you figure out the steps. If you think of buying those books, don't yet ! Try the Chinese craft books sections where there are quite a number of books that were translated from Japanese patchwork books and they are at least 10 to 15 ringgit cheaper compared to the Japanese version.
Hope this helps :)

Janine said...

I am enjoying you blog Faizah!

I am one of those expats who have made their home in KL at least temporarily as my husband works here.

I also enjoy quilting and am determined today to find that quilting shop in Bangsar Village. I stumbled across it months ago and have not been able to find it since. Today I set off again and will not leave this time until I accomplish my mission.

For others reading your blog, there is a quilt/patchwork shop in Ampang called the Patchwork Cottage (or something like that). They keep lots of fabric and basics for quilting.

I am a pure colour freak and love the task of seeing how colours work together!

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Janine.

Thanks for visiting my site. Actually My name is Chieng (Faizah is one of my followers :> ).

The patchwork cottage is actually at the lower ground floor, it is near to the car park. If I am not mistaken it is beside a clothes alteration shop. If you still cannot find it, please ask the information center, they will surely show you the way).

Another shop which I recently discovered was Yee button. The shop is located in PJ. I only have the contact number here i.e. 603-78770049. Hope you can find something there.

Enjoy & Cheers from
Story Quilt

MQG said...

I am travelling to KL from Oman where my husband works on Thursday 20th and leave on Monday 24th. My husband is attending the Moto GP. I am not but I am always keen to find patchwork shops, maybe find something that inspires me. I am a patchworker and belong to the Muscat Quilt Guild. Can anyone give me some more directions to shops for quilters as I do not know KL?. Rgds, Jean

Azlina said...


Please come and check out my new quilt fabric supplies.
Many jelly rolls and charm packs and also accessories.
Request from United States will be considered until late May before I have to head home back to Malaysia.

Thank you so much!