Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hawaiian Quilt Project

-3 degree in Shanghai today, cloudy. Heard that it's going to snow today.

1/7/2009, I completed stitching the pattern now. It was a bit troublesome but overall, the process of doing it was fun as long as I don't rush to complete it.

Closer view

The process of making Hawaiian quilt is a bit troublesome sometimes. I need to do basting twice, ie. first basting is done to perform applique (stitching the pattern to the fabric), then I need to take out the basting thread, place my batting and inner fabric, then do basting again for quilting. So after completing the basting, the next step is to perform the quilting. See the difference below ?

I have to work on quilting today. Actually I like quilting very much :>

So cold, I hope spring is coming soon

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