Wednesday, June 3, 2015

All stitched up !

Finally I have finished with sewing the 110 pieces of hexagon together.  A little hiccup occurred when I found that I need to add extra line to the entire work, just to reach the height I want for my project. 

Taking a closer look, all the hexagons are intact and in good shape !

I am following Japanese way to sew up the hexagon pieces.  Here is how it looks at the back after ironing.

Hmmm … patchwork projects actually required some calculations some times, also some drawing tools that I used during my school time.   What a nostalgic feeling to see the old mathematical instruments again.   

Alright, I know the size of the bag and also made my template for the base.  Tomorrow is going to be quilting work.  Pray that everything will go smooth like royal icing !  ^v^ 

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