Saturday, May 30, 2015

Playing with the hexagons!

These are my harvest from yesterday.  I just love the colors so much.

It has been so fun to work on my hexagon pieces.  I just love and feel amazed to see the effect from combining different pieces to see how the results will be.  With simple swapping of those pieces, the effect will turn out brighter or “warmify”.  Hmmm… I think I will go for “warmifying” effect.  

Since this is going to be small project, I am not going to use hexagon templates to sew all the hexagon fabrics together.  I am using this very straight forward method which saves me a lot of time from preparing so many hexagon paper templates (time saving 1).  I don't have to pre-sew all the fabrics into hexagon (time saving 2) before I actually can sew all the hexagon pieces together (time saving 3).   If you are not familiar with this method, there are always many ways to make hexagon patchwork.  I found that this site from Pretty by hand gives you very good tuition to sew the hexagon patchwork.

After collecting fabrics from every row (photo above). I would label them based on the rows and also I will take not which fabric is the starting point and ending point and clip them properly.  The best way to remember is also to take photos of the arrangement.     

Slowly I am stitching up the pieces, as fabrics pieces are arranged earlier,  sewing them become far easier than ever. 

Within hours,  I am done with sewing up the fabrics pieces.  Not quite finished yet, remember to label each row so that I won't get mixed up here.  

I just fall for the colors ......  

Am attaching the row number at the starting fabric of each row.  Also, I took photos before that to remind me of the arrangement of each rows (whether it's inverted inward or outward) .

Tomorrow I am going to sewing the rows together. 

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