Sunday, August 23, 2015

Vintage book like travel organizer / travel purse sewing pattern

This available is available in my Etsy shop now.  The idea of this design actually comes from a an old book.  I love collecting old books, which present such nostalgic feeling.  I collected quite a number of beautiful printed linen fabrics that suits this project so well.   I am sure turning the beautiful linen fabrics into travel organizer / purse will surely be something so unique.

Voila,  here are the results of my works. 

Features of this travel organizer pattern

Features of this travel organizer (as shown in photo)

♥ 4 pocket compartments big enough for your passport, boarding passes, tickets, other documents or money and you can slot a pen in the pocket too.
♥ 5 credit card compartments (you can put 2 cards in each compartment too).
♥ A zipper pocket compartments for coins and other loose items
♥ a key holder ribbon to hook they keys to your room.


● Height 23 cm (9 inches)
● Width 15.5 cm (6 inches) when closed or 32.5 cm (12.2 inches) when open

A little idea came to my mind, I added 2 columns at the front panel of this travel purse.  The new owner can write their name and address onto the beautiful travel purse.  In case the purse goes missing, someone with good heart can trace this purse back to the owner (pray hard**)  ^v^

If you are interested to purchase this pattern, please feel free to email me at

or visit my Etsy shop at the link below. 

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