Friday, December 4, 2015

A little winter tale ...

I have been longing too much to make this idea into reality since 2 years ago… but I always can’t find time to start it.  Is it an excuse ?  I wonder .. :p

Few weeks ago, I have decided the shape of bag I wanted for this project and started to draft it out (at last !! ^v^).  At least there is a little progress to this project.  I take it pretty slow to slowly sew my heart out for the appliqués of the houses.  Yes, it’s made from the heart.  I just want to make sure these houses really make one feels so heartwarming when they see it. 

Here is the front view.

I have been thinking, what should I add to the back of this bag project ? A cute little bus reaching the home ?  snow man ? some beautiful writings ?  Finally I decided to use a snowing view, I simply love it.

Hmmm … to my surprise, I am actually working pretty fast when I decided to take it slow. 

Rest is required now.   Am having some icy cold orange juice to refresh ... I just need it.

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