Sunday, December 13, 2015

A winter story, Merry Christmas. A unique collectible handmade boston / shoulder bag

The bag has a little story to tell you. It's about winter, it is starting to snow. The surrounding is suddenly filled with wonderful and peaceful atmosphere. Yes, Christmas is around the corner. Merry Christmas to you, let's celebrate this wonderful season with joy !

I am using Japanese taupe / yawn dyed fabrics (shortly be available in my Etsy shop) to make this bag to create very natural look of houses and background for this project.  Japanese taupe are widely used in Japan by most patchwork guru like Yoko Saito, Minami Kumiko for their works.   Here is some examples of art works using taupe fabrics.

The front side of the bag is partial hand and machine stitched little houses appliqué.  The snowy sparkling beads are carefully sew onto the bag, creating a sparkling effect for this bag.

The bag has 2 pockets, the one as the window at the back of this bag and an inner pocket to further help you organize your personal items.

At the back side of the bag is snowing view from my window.  Well, is it really a window at all ?  No, it is also a pocket for you to put your handy item such us travelling ticket or cards, maybe your phone too.  A "Let it snow" is embroidered near the little window, I think it add more meaning to this side.

While designing this bag, I decided to make this shape of this bag into something unique.  It is pretty wide to accommodate all the little applique houses. Also, its height is just ideal to put in quite a long of your daily goodies.  As this bag is padded with polyester batting and quilted, it is just so easy and light to carry around.  Besides that, if not in use, it can also be decorative art work on the wall or display closet.

I usually collected lots of decorative accessories and zipper pullers handy.  This tower clock zipper puller is also my collection.  It just add more character to this bag.  I love this idea ^v^

An over view of this beautiful bag.  

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Grab this one of a kind handmade bag before it is gone. ^v^

p/s:  Pattern for this bag will surely be available in my shop too, if you are interested to get the update of this bag pattern, please feel free to drop me an email.

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Merry Christmas ^v^

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