Thursday, January 12, 2012

Big Navy Style Leisure Tote bag / shopping bag - sold out (12/1/2012)

Wow, I must say I have been soooooo busy for the past few days, rushing for my Mitty Owl pattern, quilting my project and making this big tote bag.  

This tote bag is exceptional pre-order request because the owner saw my previous Marine style tote bag 
and she loves it so much.  Ok, I will try not to disappoint her ^v6

It was tough to make this bag because my sewing machine is not meant for heavy usage, so some part of the bag is very think for my machine to sew the stitches, I will use hand stitch to make sure everything is neatly done.

The bags contains 3 pockets in total. The bag is also padded with batting to allow sturdy appearance and it is light to carry around so that the new own won't complain about shoulder ache like she normally do  ^v^  (Well concern about her usage, do I ?)  Now she can put a lot of things inside this big bag, scarf,  jacket , money etc  ^v^

Here is the interior of the bag.  As usual, I want to make sure the inside out of the bags are nice, not dull and really cheer the owner every time she opens her bag.  

Not forgetting the little accessory to suit the bag, an anchor zipper head to add more 'flavor' to the bag.

I sent these photos to the owner yesterday, she just couldn't wait to have it.  And we are going back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year, I will hand carry this goodies bag for her myself  ^v6

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