Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A little preview of my current project

There are lots of small appliques on this bag ... it's about something from the garden.

While working on this bag, we were in the middle of moving house because the old apartment we are staying doesn't provide good sunlight, the whole house was totally dark after 2pm. We decided to move to the other block in December. We didn't get any despatch man to help us, so it was really tiring for me to move things over to the other house. The whole process took us 4 days (plus arranging all the stuff).

voilĂ  !!

Piano is not mine, the owner is too rich that she didn't want to bring it to her new house. In fact, she left another big acquarium for us too.

< A confession - I suddenly realised that I bought so many fabrics, 2 full cabinets, have to slow down from then on >


Metanoia said...

Gorgeous flower. Your new project looks beautiful. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

Story Quilt said...

(^-^), I wish i can finish it sooner too. But now I have problem getting the right fabric for the sides of the bag ..... as a result, there's bit of delay here (~_~)`

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !!!

I totally understand having to hold back on buying fabric.... though is not easy and I give in at times :-).

Story Quilt said...

Yes, it is really a struggle when you find beautiful fabrics and you need to tie yourself up from touching them.

Before I left for shanghai, I was so worry that somebody may break in and steal my fabrics !! (too crazy am I ?)