Monday, January 18, 2010

Jenny's bag

I am now back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. It is just pathetic that I need to update my blog after so many months because in china, a lot websites were banned for no reason. Sites like blogspot, facebook, twitter and other popular fun sites were fully banned. It was really suffering when I can't even update anything in blog when I was in China. As a result, I found a temporary solution to use now. Well, it is considered lucky that they didn't ban hotmail or life is really going to be very boring over there.

May 09

Have some idea of making Maggie's bag. The theme was based on my trip to Hokkaido few years ago, picnicking during sakura season.

Another side of the bag.

The front applique - Picnic basket and hat.


My 1st Bambina ! said...

This is a gorgeous bag !!! But all of the bags you make are !!! Beautiful !!!
How much is the cost for a handmade bag like this one in US dollars ?

My 1st Bambina ! said...

Oh... forgot to mention:
CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS on your wedding anniversary !

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

Happy Annivesary!!! This is a great bag. I just love your work. Beautiful!!!

Story Quilt said...

Hello, My 1st Bambina.

THank you very much for the greetings, so heart warming.

The cost for making this bag is USD160. It's pure hand stitched. In fact, I didn't earn much from this bag because it too me very long time to complete.

I am working on another bag now, hmm.... once I completed this one, you will find it in my flickr site. :)

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Jennifer. How are you doing ? Thank you very much for the greeting. You know how much I appreciate all your greetings.

I am working on 2 bags and one project at the same time, very tired. It's too good to be back home to Malaysia, at least i can take a break and get very lazy. ^^.

Will update my works in flickr :)

Have a good day ahead ok?

PatchworkPottery said...

That is a very beautiful bag! I think the fabric you chose for the bread is PERFECT! Big Hugs from Canada, Laurraine

Metanoia said...

I just love this bag. I've seen it on flickr before and it is just beautiful. Glad to have you back on blogger!

Story Quilt said...

Hello, Laurraine.

Thank you so much. How are you doing in Canada? You must be very busy with your new projects for sure.

Wish you have an enjoyable day :> (I know, for quilter, working hard on project is the sweetest torture.. haha).

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Metanoia.

thank you :>

Yes, it is just wonderful to be able to catch up with lots of things in blogspot. temporarily I am using this site to record daily activity But I prefer to use blogspot more cause it connects me to lots of people.

Hugs from Chieng.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info on the bag !
I think the cost is all worth it, your bags are so
beautiful !!!
Can't wait to see your upcoming projects !!!

Story Quilt said...

Yes, I can't wait to complete it too. I will publish it in flickr once I complete it (cause I can't access to blogspot in china, heard that they may also ban google, it is going to be nightmare to me if they ban so many international sites, sob sob...)

Phiphi said...

It;s very beautiful bag. I want to learn patchwork and quilting this year, but I don't know if I have so much patience like you:). I just come across your flickr page..all your bags are gorgeous. ^_^

maria said...

Beautifully done.

I admire your talent.

Fernanda said...

Beautiful, beautiful, very beautiful your work!
I'm your fan!


Story Quilt said...

Merry Christmas everyone.

To Phiphi, I believe when you get one project done, you will surely slowly have more patience for your future projects (I went through the same progress too). You will surely be so proud to bring your own designed bag for shopping. So try it, good luck !!! I hope to see your works too.

For Fernanda and Maria, thank you very much for your compliments. Please remember to visit my future works in flick