Thursday, January 7, 2010

Apple core patchwork

It's so great to come back to Malaysia, I can access to blogspot whenever I want. I haven't been able to update anything for the past few months, staying in china really has lots of restrictions. While in china, a lot sites were banned, blogspot, youtube, facebook etc, I wonder why is the reason.

Here's my latest work. Currently I am working on 3 other projects at the same time. Hopefully I am able update before I leave for china again.


Anonymous said...

It is beautiful ! I imagine how much work you put in it ...
your work is very inspiring !
Just recently I finished my very 1st Sunbonnet Sue in
needleturn applique, Im very happy with the results.
If you like to see it is in my blog:

Metanoia said...

Welcome back! I was so sad when I heard China had blocked you from blogger.

Story Quilt said...

Hello My 1st Bambina, thank you so much for sharing. I saw your beautiful sunbonnet sue. It's so cute and you appliqued it so neatly. Good job !!

Story Quilt said...

Hello, Metanoia.
Yes, it's been such a long time since I am able to access to blogspot again. Temporarily, I am using another blog while in china.

I hope they won't block this site anymore. (~~)`

My 1st Bambina ! said...

Thanks a lot for your compliments ! I'm very new to appliqué and will also love to learn patchwork and quilting
by hand, have not tried it yet, I'm a bit nervous since I'm not very sure how it is done.
I love the beauty of handmade !

patchwork said...

This patchwork pillow is lovely and I see the patches are cut in a nice attractive not to be missed.

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Patchwork.

Yes, it took me quilt a while to cut out pieces of fabrics, not to mention piercing them together. A bit boring to purely piercing the pieces so I will watch tv while working on the pieces or I fell asleep :p