Friday, December 17, 2010

Able to access to blogger again !!!!

Hurray !!! I am able to access to blogspot again, yeah !!!! Today, my husband sent me a link that provides a proxy to bypass screening server in China. I am able to access to blogspot again. I am so happy ^^.

Here are some of my works during the "unable to access blogspot" period

12/10/2010 , Sunbonnet Sue clutch pouch.  This pattern kit (from Minami Kumiko) is a gift from my friend, Sophea (how wonderful of her ^^).  Though I was struggling with the wedding ring project that time, I tried to free up myself to make this pouch from time to time.  Sophea was so proud of me when I showed this pouch to her (I managed to make it during my tight project).  How I miss my dear friend these few days cause she is now traveling to Eastern Europe.  I love this pouch so much, the size is big enough to put my purse, handphone and some cosmetics.  Very Japanese country patchwork indeed :>

Bag in Bag 30/11/2010

Introducing bag-in-bag concept.  This is currently very popular bag in Japan (especially if you are handmade maniac).  It is actually a bag by itself AND an organiser for bigger bag.  Imagine carrying a big bag, isn't it difficult for you to locate even your handphone ?  This beautiful organiser actually solve your problem.  The bag has 2 sides, different Japanese Kimono prints in each side.  Take a look ^^

Take a look at how your things are organised ...

I will slowly begin to sell this bag in Etsy under the name Cotton Friends.  Right now, I am designing few more items for sell soon.  Please feel free to drop by and enjoy my works :)

9/12/2010, Wedding Ring, with Love.....

I sewed these pieces when I visited Leeds, UK , in November.  As a result, this project is really memorable and meaningful to me ( I actually visited UK, WOW).

Look at this colorful projects, how many pieces of fabric did i use ?  It took me few days to cut out and arrange them (combined with worrying feeling about the result).  Right now, I am just so happy to see the real result.  (**Big big laugh**)


Metanoia said...

Hurray! It is lovely to see what you have been working on. Your projects are so beautiful!!

Story Quilt said...

Dear friend, how are you ? Thank you for welcoming me back :p. I hope I didn't let you down during the "silent" period. In fact, I have some more projects on going that I will slowly upload in my blog. It's just wonderful to be back in blogspot.

Merry Christmas to you and family
Cheers :)

pratima said...

Hi, it is wonderful to see you blogging again! I adore everything you make... your attention to detail is breathtaking!

Story Quilt said...

Thank you !! Pratima. I am so happy to hear that. Yes, I paid lots of attention to details, sometimes I will redo certain part of my work if I am not satisfied. I really sew with my heart (^V^)

Remember to check my site from time to time. I hope you enjoy all my works in the future. I am working on more things, maybe later, I will put them up for sell in etsy (my husband said I should, I wonder.....)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you.... I will be checking often for your new posts!!!
Your works are lovely and will keep my eyes open for your new etsy shop :-)!