Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Owls tool bag


I am thinking of making a patchwork tool bag (also a cosmetic bag) using pattern from here...  maybe a little bit of adjustment.

8/12/2010, 2pm.  Very cold weather, 0 degree today.

I just completed my applique, owl is my theme this time.  When I was in Hokkaido, a lot of souvenir stores were selling owl figurines, the design were really funny and cute.  I thought of making projects that have owls as the theme since then.  If you really noticed, it's really rare to see projects with owls in any Japanese patchwork books. This is something different .  

I think I will stop for the day.  I will perform quilting tomorrow. 

9/12/2010, 4:30 pm

It is warmer today.  I find that I am more energetic when it is getting warmer.  I have actually completed quilting for the front page and the 2 pieces for the zippers.  By adding some red juicy fruit, I think that looks better ^^. Let's see what is the task for tomorrow.   

Mouth watering fruit.... what do you have in mind ?


pratima said...

Your little owls are so sweet. Love their expressions and googly eyes! It is coming together beautifully!

Story Quilt said...

Thank you Pratima. I believe so too. I can't wait to complete them. Merry Christmas to you :>

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

I came over to your blog after seeing your clutch at CraftStylish! Your work is great. The owls are adorable. You've done a fantastic job!

Story Quilt said...

Thank you so much, Angela. Happy New Year to you. I am really happy for your comment. Now it boost me more to work on more projects in the future. I finished my Owl tool bag few weeks ago but didn't manage to post it in my blog yet cause I am traveling back to my country right now. Soon you will see it for sure. The result is so nice and cute ! Wait and see ok ? Hugs from Story !