Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue & Little missing chicken bag

I think I want to make a Sunbonnet Sue bag this time, maybe a small bag, simple and vintage like.  I am thinking to choose the color based on those vintage books this time.  I will use Japanese sakizome fabrics this time to create very country like result.

12/5/2011, 3:00 pm.
I have been making the applique since 8:00 am this morning, another few stitches to go, the applique will be done.

19/5/2011, 8:00 pm
I will be going back to my hometown this Sunday, yahoo !!!  I am planning to complete this bag before going back.  At the back of this bag, I chose to stitch up a Lily of the valley as I find that it's romantic and its meaning is really beautiful.  Plus a little hand embroidered "Happiness".

18/5 - 19/5/2011

Struggling to decide how I should bind the side in order to make this bag look more lively these few days.  ok, it's done today.  Let see what I should do with the handle and the bias strap......

21/5/2011, 3:00pm. 

It's done !!!  I am so satisfied to see the result, it's perfect !!! 

Back of the bag..

The beautiful Lily of the valley applique

And I sew up a little pocket using different fabric. 

My bag works within schedule, I am going out with my husband for dinner now.... ciao...


pratima said...

The sunbonnet and chicken make a very cute theme. Your stories are so sweet. It is fun to see the progress pictures of your gorgeous bag. Have a great time on your trip to your home town :)

Story Quilt said...

Thank you, Pratima. I am so glad that it makes you happy. I love the design so much too, especially the little chicken, if you can see its expression, you will know how concentrated I was when making its expression ^v^. Right now, it is sold out to a beautiful lady. :D