Monday, September 15, 2008

Final project - Baby blanket

This is my final project for beginner class. I collected lots of fabrics that reflect 1980's style. After piercing all the pieces together into bigger blanket, next was to sew up the cute drawings on the white area. I took one whole week to collect the drawings. The whole project took me a month to complete.

Felt so proud when my teacher displayed my project as their sample in our school immediately when I showed her my work. During the display period, a German lady customer asked if I was willing to sell the blanket to her cause she wanted to use it as a present to her grand daughter in Germany. I was pleased to hear that but I rejected her request politely. I told the gentle grandma that I would like to keep this beginner project as my own souvenir. She agreed with me and wish that I have more beautiful project in the future. Her words really drive me a lot. I believe I will, the more projects the merrier.


The Piece Maker said...

Hi there,
I really love this baby quilt. May I ask you the name of the pattern or where I could find the pictures for embroidery? Thank you...nice to have you back and blogging again.

Story Quilt said...

Hi, Cathy.

The pattern is simply 9 patch patchwork (if I am not mistaken it was measured 3cm x 3 cm for each small square (total measurement for the nine patches is 9 cm x 9 cm). As for the pictures, I didn't keep any record for the cartoons I drew but I get the ideas from some children's book ).