Friday, September 12, 2008

24 Quilt block project

24 quilt blocks is one of the requirement for my Patchwork Intermediate level. Hand stitching every piece of the blocks was no kidding, it's a real torture I would say.

I needed to draw up the pattern given in a 27 x 27 cm frame on a paper. Drawing the pattern requires very sharp measurement otherwise, the next process of stitching will be a screw up. It can be really frustrated especially after completing a quilt block, I found that there was or were mistakes. I have to re-do the whole thing, sometimes to the extend of re-drawing the whole pattern. I felt like giving up a few times already.

I guess that's the magic of patchwork, once you started, no matter how hard the project may be, you'll strive to complete it. Now I have completed the 21st quilt block, 3 more to go.

12 Nov 2008,

I have to admit that working on New York Beauty was the toughest part of my intermediate level project. The round shape area really make me crazy. I had to sew the four sides carefully to show the sharp edges fully. I thought of giving up this block that time but I knew I needed to persist since it's the last one for the project.

1st Dec 2008

I finally completed this block, YEAH !!! I was fully exhauster after completing this block. I decided to take one week off to relax my fingers. Overall, I felt great after my hard effort.

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