Monday, September 15, 2008

Life in Shanghai

When you first came to a new place, that first thing you need to do is getting use to know the place really well ie. the people, culture, rules and regulation etc.

Though I have been staying in China for more than 4 years I have to admit that I still need to adjust myself to the new surrounding each time I moved to a new place. The rules and regulations, culture and people in China are very totally different from one place to another.

When I first came to Shanghai, the first thing I found myself very uneasy was their traffic light, you can never trust the signal at all. Normally in any Asian country when the 'Walk' signal turns green, all the cars should stop and give priority for people to walk across. But in Shanghai, the traffic light is totally meaningless. When the 'Walk' signal turns green, pleaseeee... make sure you don't step out too early because it may end up a shock. The cars are still moving instead of stopping.

Why ? Because in Shanghai, when the traffic light turned red, the signal is actually meant for those cars which are going straight to stop. But those cars which need to turned to the right are still allowed to drive past, the only condition is the drivers must make sure they drive slow and don't knock down anyone. Strange right ?

Sometimes I really wish to tear down the traffic when crossing those very wide roads because it's really frustrating when you still need to keep watching passing by cars.

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