Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Workshop - Patchwork Pouch

(9/9/2007) I attended a 2 hour workshop conducted by one of the Japanese Patchwork Guru, Wakayama Masako. Her designs focus more on American country style with vivid colors and very cute items like trees, flowers, teap pots etc.

About 15 persons joined the workshop, I happened to be the only one who's totally naive to patchwork that time. Furthermore, Wakayama sensei can only explain in Japanese language, I was so nervous and worry that I might not be able to learn up anything during the workshop. Luckily there was another Japanese lady who spoke very good Chinese language. She was so helpful translating every single sentence the teacher said to me.

After the teacher's explanation, we were left to do the piercing work. Ms Wakayama approached me and spoke to me in very simple English if I needed help. After knowing that I was totally new to patchwork, she focused more attention on me, pin-pointing some steps that required more attention.

Two hours workshop seems very short to me, I was not able to finish it. No choice, I needed to finish it at home, and by myself to figure out the step later.

Before going home, I bought Ms Wakayama's pattern book, even got her autograph ! ^^

Here's the site of Masako Wakayama http://www.crib.co.jp/

After few days of struggling to figure out how to do the pouch, I finally got it done ! YES !!!

Never under-estimate yourself :>

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