Saturday, September 20, 2008

Teddy pouch

While trying to complete my beginner projects, I still find time doing small pouches to relax my fingers. Did I say that ? Yes, fingers. Remember that all my projects are 100% hand stitched. When making big projects, and especially when the layers of fabrics are thick, my fingers can really get hurt. I remember I suffered thumb injury for almost a month. During that period, I feel like I was going through "detoxing" period. Like some of my coursemates said, "patchwork is like an addiction, if you don't sew a few stitches in a day, you feel so lost". I totally agree with this coursmate of mine.
As a result, when I want to relax my fingers, I will do small project like pouches, handphone casing just to make the day more meaningful.
The cotton fabrics were from Japan, called sakizome momen. The color for sakizome momen may look dull but after completing a project, you will be surprised that it turns the project into very special country like look, this end up producing very long lasting effect as well.

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