Thursday, September 11, 2008

5th Project - Teddy bear

Though I am not a fan of stuffed toys I have to admit that I love this teddy bear of mine very much.

I didn't have a clue when I first looked at the pattern that the instructor gave me. It was a bit complicated in the beginning. Even cutting out the fabrics required a lot of attention because I needed to cut out pieces of fabrics for the face, hands, legs and body in opposite manner.

Stitching the round shape of the feet was a bit tough that time, I have to keep looking at the back of the fabrics to see if I stitch them in the right line all the time.

After stitching all the body parts, the next was to attach the ears and to stitch up the facial expression.
After that attach the head to the body, followed by the hands and the legs. I needed a special needle for making toys. The needle is approximately 25 cm long in order to stitch through the wider areas of the body, ie. from left shoulder of the bear to the right.

This teddy bear is able to stand up and sit down and even twist it's arms and legs. Cute right ?