Sunday, July 13, 2014

Puffy Shabby Chic Clutch Purse

I really love clutch purses since i was a little kid.  When I grow older and exposed myself to bag making, I foundwith a simple clutch frame, based on their size and shape,  you can really make beautiful purses , all you need to do is to design it.  I am making this one as a start for my clutch purses project.   I believe slowly I will be designing more and more clutch purses from Japanese country style purses to vintage design like this one.   ^v^ 

Here is the back of the purse.  I chose to use different fabric for the back side of the purse because it adds more color to the purse body.  Apart from that, the corsage of my clutch purse is detachable, I can simple attach it to the front and back of my purse whenever I wish.  This idea creates more room for me to use the purse (I don't have to keep looking at the same purse all the time :p)

This little beginner project is really simple to make, probably you can finish it within a day if you are fast enough.    Here it is, my Shabby Chic Puffy clutch purse.   

Besides the purse pattern, I also showed you how to making simple corsage as shown in the photos below.

If you are interested in the pattern, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop here


Montserrat Estupiñá said...

Felicidades, unos bolsitos preciosos
Besos desde Barcelona Catalonia

Story Quilt said...

Thank you very much ^v^