Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Double zipper long purse sewing pattern

I’ve had serious craving to try my way of making a double zipper pouch.  After few round of testing, I finally get the measurement and methods right, in a faster and easier method of course!

While testing my instructions to make this purse, I thought of making something more unique than the normal purse, that is to use multiple fabrics for the card pockets.  And my idea works well in my pattern.  When I showed this purse to my friends who came over to my house for coffee break last weekend.  They were all surprised by the interior of my purse and they found that using multiple fabrics actually added so much more character and surprises to a purse.  I really feel so happy for the result.  I have got a lot of ideas in mind now but so far, let’s make this style as the start.

Purse making is really full of fun, when you changed the fabric style, it will change the character of your purse too.  Like this purse, I chose Japanese zakka and vintage style, the result is beautiful.  You can also try as many style as possible using this purse pattern from shabby chic to retro to sporty style. Just play with the pattern, you will surely be amazed with your creations.

Here is my latest double zipper purse.  

The purse pattern has 2 zipper compartments for coins and some other loose items / documents.  

There are 6 card pockets and 2 large pockets for your money or check book too.  

If you are interested in the purse pattern, please feel free to check it at my Etsy shop.  More details about this pattern in the link below ^v^


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