Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dessert of the day - angel food cake with orange cream cheese topping

I have not been making my own cake for ages, today, with so many egg white left over from my pastries, I am going to try something less fattening.  Searching through the entire web to look for suitable recipe.  It’s really fast and easy to make, most importantly, the result of my cake is light and delicious (I can have more bites and never be afraid of getting any fatter :p).

Just beat the egg white and sugar (add a few drop of vanilla essence), beat until soft peak forms.  Then add in flour, softly mix the batter, then bake it for 25 – 30 minute at 180 degree C.

Angel food cake recipe from here :  

Take the time to prepare the cream cheese frosting while baking my cake.  I added a lot of orange zest to my frosting.  My entire kitchen smelled really really great !!

The cream cheese frosting is from this site here : 

Adding additional layer for my custard and beautiful oranges adds more taste to this cake for sure

Ok, here’s my nicely frosted cake, it really smell so good that I wish I could bite it straight away but with the nice frosting, I need to let it rest in my fridge for even better result.  

After an hour, my cake is ready to be served. My good old neighbor passed by my house just in time to chat with me and I invited her to come for tea then.  She loved every bite of this cake.  

I am going to try more recipe like this, it’s going to be nice coffee cake for my friends ^v^ .  Bon appetit !!! 

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