Monday, April 28, 2014

Very fashionable and girlish purse sewing pattern available in my Etsy now !

Last year in December, I made my 7th visit to Japan , I like this country so much because it has so many ideas to offer to someone like me ^u^ .  I found that in Japan, most of them are using long purse with many compartments and card pockets.  This idea is really good as it keeps your money and personnel documents well organised.  Since then, the idea of making a long purse pattern has always in my mind.

And yesterday, I have completed this mission !!  (fulfilling) 

I have made this into a pattern because I know for sure a lot of friends out there will be so happy to have a unique purse made by themselves.  All you need to do is choose the fabrics you like and just start sewing using my pattern in my Etsy shop.
You can also change the strap to make this purse into a sling bag and it is going to be very stylish too

So here is my work …. *v*, I hope you will love the idea

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