Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My way of machine applique

I love hand applique when making my projects, it is more lively and present personnel touch with one’s characteristics. However when comes to making very small applique, I still have to choose machine applique.

Here is my way for machine applique. 

I will draw the pattern onto the fusible interface with front side of drawn pattern facing down onto the back for the fusible interface.   If you have many appliques and they are going to be applied on the same piece of fabric, then you can draw many patterns onto the fusible interface (like what i did below).    Then iron the pattern onto the fabric, the fabric needs to be larger than the fusible interface in this case. 

Then cut out the pattern from the fusible interface.

I prefer to choose pattern 05 below as my applique stitches, it is thinner and when I sew, i can move the stitches more freely than any other stitch pattern.  IMPORTANT : You will need to adjust the length and width of the stitches, do some testing on a scrap fabric before you stitch the real applique 

Remember to start a 'back stitch' first, then you can start stitching the edge of the cut out pattern as shown below.  Start slowly, once you pick up the skill, you can really sew the applique like a piece of cake (^0^). Then ends with a back stitch again to 'lock' your thread from coming loose.

See how easy it is done ?  

Here is some of my applique works today.  Doesn't it look nice ?  I am working on a little bag.  You will see it soon .

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