Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recording the past - soft clay box

Why I said that ? Actually, I uploaded lots of my works in ringo last time but the service was called to a stop ! I need to re-do the whole thing again. I'll upload my clay works first.

This was made by soft paper clay, light clay whatever clay the Japanese called it. I was staying in Danshui, Guangzhou, that time. It's very light and feels like chewing gum. It comes in different colors, just match and mix to get the color you want, shape it to your favourite things (little doll, flowers, etc) let dry and there you get, a nice little work :) . Oh, I learn the technique myself. It's too expensive to pay for an instructor to teach me in Hong Kong. Overall learning cost is around RM10k. See, I proved to myself that I can do it too.

Notice anything ? I recycled my moisturizer container. Save money and most importantly protect the environment, agree ?

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